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David Gilmour live at Gdansk (1 Viewer)


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Apr 5, 2001
Burbank, CA
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Brett Voss
I want to highly recommend this. A quick websearch will give you all the details. I picked up the 5-disc version (3 cds, 2 DVDs) at best buy as an exclusive for 49.99. It's now up to 69.99.

Well worth it.

Unbeknownst to the fans, this would be Richard Wrights final concert, and, as it turns out, one of his finest performances. Ever.


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Apr 5, 2001
Burbank, CA
Real Name
Brett Voss
1. Disc One (CD): Speak To Me
2. One: Breathe (In The Air)
3. One: Time
4. One: Breathe (In The Air) (reprise)
5. One: Castellorizon
6. One: On An Island
7. One: The Blue
8. One: Red Sky At Night
9. One: This Heaven
10. One: Then I Close My Eyes
11. One: Smile
12. One: Take A Breath
13. One: A Pocket Full Of Stones
14. One: Where We Start

Disc Two (CD): Shine One You Crazy Diamond 16.
Two: Astronomy Domine
17. Two: Fat Old Sun
18. Two: High Hopes
19. Two: Echoes
20. Two: Wish You Were Here
21. Two: A Great Day for Freedom
22. Two: Comfortably Numb

Disc Three (DVD): Live In Gdansk - Concert 24. Three: Castellorizon 25. Three: On An Island 26. Three: The Blue 27. Three: This Heaven 28. Three: Then I Close My Eyes 29. Three: Smile 30. Three: Take A Breath 31. Three: A Pocketful Of Stones 32. Three: Where We Start 33. Three: Astronomy Domine 34. Three: High Hopes 35. Three: Echoes 36. Three: A Great Day For Freedom 37. Three: Comfortably Numb 38. Three: Gdansk Diary - Documentary 39.

Disc Four (DVD): Shine On You Crazy Diamond 40. Four: Wearing The Inside Out 41. Four: Comfortably Numb 42. Four: On An Island 43. Four: High Hopes 44. Four: The Blue 45. Four: Take A Breath 46. Four: Echoes (Acoustic) 47. Four: Barn Jam 166 48. Four: Barn Jam 192 49. Four: Barn Jam 121 50. Four: On An Island (Audio Only, Surround Sound) 51. Four: Castellorizon 52. Four: On An Island 53. Four: The Blue 54. Four: Take A Breath 55. Four: Red Sky At Night 56. Four: This Heaven 57. Four: Then I Close My Eyes 58. Four: Smile 59. Four: A Pocketful Of Stones 60. Four: Where We Start 61.

Disc Five (CD):
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Venice, August 12/Vienne, July 31)
62. Five: Dominoes (Paris, March 15)
63. Five: The Blue (Vienne, July 31)
64. Five: Take A Breath (Munich, July 29)
65. Five: Wish You Were Here (Glasgow, May 27)
66. Five: Coming Back To Life (Florence, August 2)
67. Five: Find The Cost Of Freedom (Manchester, May 26)
68. Five: This Heaven (Vienne, July 31)
69. Five: Wearing The Inside Out (Milan, March 25)
70. Five: A Pocketful Of Stones (Vienne, July 31)
71. Five: Where We Start (Vienne, July 31)
72. Five: On The Turning Away (Venice, August 12)


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May 22, 2002
This is a must buy. Incredible.

This version of "Echoes" is.....otherworldly. Gilmour/Wright at their finest, IMO. Probably the best version of "Echoes" ever played. Probably the best Pink Floyd song ever.

RIP Rick Wright


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Apr 4, 2002
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I ordered from amazon.co.uk, for around 34 pounds (this after VAT, which is not applicable to shipments outside EU, is deducted). It's on back-order, though, won't ship till early November.

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