David Crosby - IICORMN (CD+DVD-Audio)

Felix Martinez

Aug 27, 2001
South Florida
Just rec'd my copy of IICORMN and can confirm DVD-A (hi-res surround @96/24, hi-res stereo @ 192/24), plus DD surround and stereo and DTS surround.

If you look at the CD and DVD disc artwork, it may throw you - they both have the good 'ol Atlantic green-white-and-orange label with "STEREO" on the left. Don't worry, the DVD has the surround content

The menus show 5.1, but the liner notes state, "For creative reasons, the surround mix was done in 5.0; the LFE (channel, sic) is not utilized."

Gave it a quick spin...my impressions...

Once again, the good folks at Rhino are hitting these things out of the park. The Bjork box notwithstanding, they seem committed to hi-res, as was recently relayed to me by their authoring guru, Spence Chrislu. They've also embraced CD+ DVD combo packages lately, which I've always felt was the way to go.

Extras include photos, lyrics, and an interview with Stephen Barncard (text only). As usual, Rhino's liner notes are excellent - informative and entertaining.

The CD is HDCD encoded. (edit - apparently, while it's labeled as such, the CD is *not* HDCD encoded).

The surround mix is *very* enveloping, yet retains the wonderful cohesion of Crosby & co.'s haunting vocals. Lead vox occupy the front (not only center speaker), additional vox all around. Very haunting, very effective.

While it is supposedly 5.0, I believe it shows as 5.1 on my Onkyo player; nonetheless, there is some *healthy* low-end all over this disc. Great clarity and thick bottom-end without cloudy boominess (I'm listening with floor-standing speakers, no bass management).

"Music Is Love" - guitar starts in the left-front and a taste in the left-rear, then moves to center, percussion on right. Around 2:35 into the track, the guitars spread to the rears.

"Cowboy Movie" - tamborine percussion in rear-left, claps in rears, lead guitar fills in rear, main guitars in the front L-R channels.

"Tamalpais High" - Vox all around. Incredible, haunting. Ride cymbal and drums in rear, guitars in front L-R.

"Laughing" - Acoustic guitars in rears, beautiful harmonies in rears (some sibilance here, not too bad).

"Song With No Name" - the one track I was really excited to hear in surround. Did *not* disappoint. Vox all around. Guitar on the left-front and left-rear channels, lead guitar embellishments in the left-rear. Cool stuff.

"Orleans" - once again, vox all around, luscious reverb in surround, acoustic guitar in rears.

My only gripe: Steve Hall's mastering is a bit loud. I would have retained about 3-4db of dynamic range, but no biggie.

Blair G

Second Unit
May 25, 2000
Real Name
Blair G.
Man, that didn't last long.

I've seen one "in the flesh" exactly once.
Can't find any in stock on-line.

What a joke, no wonder this format is so unsuccessful.


Senior HTF Member
Oct 26, 2002
Wow only five months since it debuted - it's nice to see they believe in their products.

Maybe if they promoted surround music just a tad more, like using incredibly expensive and difficult-to-create things
like placing a banner ad on the *home page* of their site that briefly decribes how 5.1 music differs from flat stereo and that you don't have to buy expensive gear to hear it and in fact you can even use your $200 HTiB from Wal-Mart or your computer's $90 Logitec 5.1 system to listen. Or a little one line blurb at the bottom of a print ad. AMAZING. And I've never even taken ONE marketing class............

Arrrgggh! Who is running these companies?!

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