Dark Water - Japanese horror

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Simon Massey, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Simon Massey
    I managed to catch this film by Hideo Nakata, the director behind the Ringu series. Any fans of the Ring series will find a lot to enjoy here.

    The story concerns a recently divorced mum moving into an old apartment block with her six year old daughter. Its not long before things start going bump in the night (or rather drip, drip in this case [​IMG]

    First the bad things - Nakata is repeating many story elements from his Ringu series here, and the mystery of the central story is quite obvious. The film also has a largely pointless subplot concerning the divorced husband and an ongoing custody battle for the daughter. These scenes could easily have been removed, and serve very little to the plot.

    Despite this, the story is sufficiently different from the Ring series, and it is intriguing - even though many elements of the plot are increasingly obvious. The film also has many effective tense moments, culminating in an excellent final third. Nakata uses the sound of dripping and running water very effectively in this film to create a sense of unease. I find it very difficult to judge the acting in foreign films, but I thought the actress playing the mother was really good, as was the little girl. Finally, whilst some elements of the plot are easy to guess, the resolution is unexpected, and, at least IMO, very good.

    I would recommend this film to any fans of the Ring series, and those who like their horror films creepy.
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    A great horror film. The scene in the elevator left me with chills for horrors after the first time I saw it. A very effective film.

    Hideo Nakata really aught to stay away from drama and stick to horror. The custody battle is really the weakest part of the film. I saw his latest film "Last Scene" at SIFF. A pure drama film, that failed miserably, it came off as bad soap opera.
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    Looking to pick this up on dvd in the very near future.
  4. Todd_B

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    Is there a legit Region 1 or Region 0 release?

    Todd B

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