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    I've just finished watching Marc Singer's astoundingly good documentary "Dark Days" and I haven't finished the review yet, but I simply had to come here and discuss it.
    Director Marc Singer moved to New York City a couple of years ago and found himself becoming involved with the local homeless population, but more specifically, the groups that live in the rail tunnels that exist underneath the city.
    Singer originally found himself coming down to the tunnels to film, but actually ended up living with the residents for two years, many of which have built actual "homes" underneath the city, complete with electicity.
    "Dark Days" is occasionally humorous, but often saddening and touching. Many of the people who live in the tunnels are sane people who simply have hit hard times with drug abuse. One man in particular talks about his wife leaving him after choosing drugs instead. Yet, the people are great characters who contain a fascinating, off-beat look at their situation.
    It's all the more impressive considering Singer had no background in film, but simply wanted to tell the story of these people. The film that resulted had years of ups and downs, but as more people became inspired by his effort, he got a lot of help.
    The film does have a bit of a rough, black and white look, but it works marvelously for the picture. Palm's anamorphic transfer does display some minor problems - a couple of scratches, speckles, etc. - it probably looks the best it's ever looked. It also sounds quite good - the film suprisingly contains a strong (considering the budget) 5.1 presentation.
    The DVD boasts several extras - a commentary by Singer, a lengthy and engaging documentary as well as deleted scenes and more.
    "Dark Days" is a really powerful, interesting and enjoyable documentary that floored me. It doesn't seem like many know about the DVD release, which comes out on 9/25 (it's in the 3,000's in terms of sales rank at amazon.com), but it's a really special film that I hope will gain a major video/dvd audience.
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    Sounds interesting - I'll have to check it out.
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