Dark areas appearing red-like?

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  1. JoelM

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    Dec 16, 2001
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    I just got finished watching Mulholland Dr. and my black seems to be a little off. I thought I calibrated this to its correct level in AVIA/VE and still it seems red-like. Did anyone else notice this? It's kind of annoying but to this day this is the only movie where I notice this.
  2. Michael TLV

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    Michael Chen

    This is a grayscale issue and you need professional instrumentation to properly fix it. Or you can eyeball it out of there.

  3. ThomasL

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    Mar 13, 2001
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    Michael is right.

    Use Avia's grayscale patterns to verify that it is indeed the grayscale. You'll need to know how to get around your tv's service menu to fix the problem most likely. The proper fix to use instrumentation to dial-in the grayscale to D6500K but one can also use the eyeball technique. I did and it will help when there are gross problems such as your eyes see too much green or red in black/dark scenes. For me , it took multiple tries and multiple trips into the service menu. The funny thing about eyes, like ears and other sensory organs, is that when paired with the brain, they tell us how something looks, sounds, smells relative to other looks, sounds, smells, etc. You will find that when you first try to dial out the red, you'll overshoot and end up with an overly green or blue grayscale but your eyes won't tell you this. All they will tell you is that the red is gone. It's best to go back later and look at it in a neutral manner. This is why instrumentation is the ideal method and what an ISF tech would use.

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