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Dang you HTF!!! I am now infected...I might not make it.. (1 Viewer)


Apr 20, 2004
You guys have really went and done it now.....I have been bitten by the upgrade bug and become severely infected....:frowning:

I would like to take this oppoprtunity to thank this forum for helping out with my past problems and teaching me my way around the HT arena......but you guys have really went and done it now......

I will eventually upgrade everything, but I want some input as to which ORDER you would do it in. I will have to come up with some price points to narrow down my selections, but at least I can work in one category at a time. I use my system 95% for TV/DVD watching in an approximate 2200 cu. ft room. Music comprises the other 5% (if that)

Here is my current list:

Subwoofer - Velodyne FSR-12B Sub (120W)
Fronts - Paradigm MiniMKII's or 3se-Mini's (no model#)(70Hz - 20KHz)
Rears - Paradigm Atoms (70Hz - 20KHz)
Center - Paradigm CC-300 (55Hz-20KHz)

Receiver - Yamaha HTR-5250 (small/large speaker cutoff = 90Hz)
RPTV - 13yr old Hitachi 50" Ultravision
DVD Player-Cyberhome 402

I have already decided that with all the new movies and such coming out, that the Velodyne is not cutting it anymore.
As my first upgrade, I will be getting rid of the Velodyne and adding an SVS in its place. Most likely the PB1-ISD..

The question is, where do I go from there....
(Due to cost, the TV will be towards the end..looking into the Panny 56" DLP)

Like I said before, I am just looking in to which "order" to replace things...not what to actually replace them with...(that will come later after more reading and rechecking the bank account) :)

thx for the help


Second Unit
Apr 11, 2004
Real Name
Yep this forum did the same thing to me. I started out here posting some simple questions about doing the “poly-fill mod” to my Sony SA-WM40. And now less then a month later after I joined this forum I have an HSU STF-2! I also have plans to get a new receiver and DVD player now as well. I am not complaining though :D

Garrett Lundy

Senior HTF Member
Mar 5, 2002
In my honest opinion, once you have the decent surround sound speakers, big screen, and awesome subwoofer, you don't need anything else.:emoji_thumbsup:

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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Are you sure those are the right specs for the Mini Mk2? I thought they went lower than that. I'd expect them to be about the same or better extension than the Atoms.

If music is a priority, I'd start with the main speakers & center, followed by a receiver (or amplification as Mike SJ notes), then sub, DVD, and TV down the road.

If movies are the priority, I'd say the speakers are OK for now, look to upgrade the receiver, sub, then DVD & TV.


Supporting Actor
Nov 8, 2002
What are your room measurements, size and are their any openings or is a closed room?
Aug 3, 2002
Get as much sub as you can afford if your really into watching movies. Movies are becoming more and more demanding for deep rich bass...Master and Commander anyone?
I highly recommend SVS as they are, dollar for dollar one of the best price/performance that you will find.
I recently purchased an SVS PC-Ultra thinking that I would sell my current SVS PC+ 16-46, then I decided what if I connected them both together and see what the fuss was about dual subs. Now after listening to movies with dual subs, I have decided that I am keeping both.

Paul Stanley

Stunt Coordinator
May 1, 2004
Ah Mark, I have the 5250 as well. Fantastic machine. I'm fighting the same thing as you with it. Its still an amazing unit with plenty of features.

For me, the pros outweigh the cons at this moment. The things that I'm wrestling with are the 5.1 when I would love 7.1, and the phono preamp doesn't really cut it.

But nowadays its tough to get the same power and features in the same price range. 3 years and still going strong.

Was thinking about making the move to seperates, but with my eye on Rotel, it will be a slow transition.

Keep us updated!!



Second Unit
Apr 6, 2004
me too, its like a disease! but i like it. whats that called when your not sick but wish you were? its like that. im still obsessing over the geometry of my TV and nobody else notices the differences, thats what drives me crazy the most. "Hey babe, I just spent all day playing with the home theater again, how does it look and sound now?" she always says good babe, but it sounded good before too.. its enough to drive a man mad!!

luckily i recently started setting up a home bar, so thats taking my time away from it a little bit.


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