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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Nate7447, May 17, 2013.

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    Hello, I am in charge of coming up with a plan to buy a new sound system for a small dance studio. I am familar with audio systems but I do not have very much experience with figuring out what type of speakers, etc. to purchase.

    The budget is $1000.

    The room is a small dance studio. I did not think it was very big and my first idea was just to set up a home theatre system. I don't think that an expensive professional grade system is necessary (but again...thats why i'm here).

    I also thought of ceiling mount speakers, attached to a cord so they can hang down a few feet intead of being mouted in the ceiling itself, 16 feet up.

    The floor area is approximately 26' x 35' (910 sq ft)

    The room volume is 26' x 35' x 16' (14,560 cubic feet)

    I would appreciate any advice, suggestions and criticisms. Thanks!
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    What is your audio source?Do you need a receiver or an integrated amp or just an amp?I would also only choose speakers wirh an efficiency over 90.

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