Damaged speakers- repair or replace?

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    I have a pair of Boston Acoustics bookshelf-sized speakers I bought in 1988 which I've been using lately as rear speakers- a few days ago I noticed the woofers in both of them have been ripped around the edges, probably from being played too loud for so long [​IMG] The tweeters in these are still fine.
    My question is, would buying new woofers from Parts Express be sufficient, or would this not sound as good as buying brand-new Boston Acoustics speakers? I haven't looked at the price of speakers in a long time so I don't know what it would cost to replace these with something comparable. It would cost roughly $100 for a pair of new woofers from Parts Express. I assume buying cheap speaker parts from someplace like Radio Shack would make these sound like cheap Radio Shack speakers- admittedly I don't know as much about speakers as I should.
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    Try contacting Boston and seeing what woofers they use and recommend as replacements. If none are available, then the choice is replace them. If the cost of repair is close to replace, then replace them. You also have to factor in your time and labor into that equation.
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    Try fixing them yourself or you can send them out to be repaired.I have a pair of JBL L-36's that I refoamed myself.I never had any pryor experience,but all went well.Try here www.decware.com You can look at a tutoral to see if you would like to give it a try,or they repair as well. good luck Michael

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