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    Thanks for the posting!
    I read and listen to Victoria Prinicipal's interview and does not sound like she is that interested in reprising her role. It appears in Vicky's eyes that Pam is dead and re-kindling her character does not make sense. It is too bad that is the case, but that is Vicky's choice. I like the comments about replacing her with Jaclyn Smith, but that may be suicide for the show due Vicky/Pam connection. This is not to say Jaclyn Smith would not be a good Pam as she would do a great job in the role. It is really about the audience connection with Pam and that is were the problem may occur. Dallas made mistakes in the past when donna reed came in and replaced Barbara Bel Geddes and i hate to see them make the same mistake twice. Donna Reed is great actress, but she was no Barbara Bel Geddes.
    I wish Dallas luck when starts again in January 2013 and hope it can build on its existing success!!
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    Am jumping out of my skin with excitement that there is going to be a series 3!! Dallas continues to be excellent and very much akin to the original! I also know a lot of fans of the new show who were too young or not even born in time to see the original--and they love the new series so much that they're borrowing all my DVDs of the original!

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