Dakota Fanning Signed for King's Tom Gordon

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Lou Sytsma, May 7, 2004.

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    Lou Sytsma
    Here's a King book that stands a better chance than many of his other books of becoming a good movie.

    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is - for King - a relatively short book with a small cast and very little rubber monster suit moments.

    Dakota Fanning - of the recent Man On Fire movie has been tapped to play the lead. This is where the crux of the movie's success lies as she is practically in every scene. Also she is by herself for a great deal of the time - I'm guessing 80% of the time.

    George Romero is attached to the project as well. As is Laura Dern.

    This movie could join other King horror movies such as The Dead Zone, Cujo, and Misery - which it shares the most in tone with - as a good adaptation.

    Little would have to be cut plotwise.

    I am hopeful and look forward to seeing this one arrive in the theaters.

    Here's a link to a King dedicatd page with further details plus recent news on the upcoming Salem's Lot remake:


  2. Adam Lenhardt

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    Cool news. In my opinion, Dakota Fanning is the top child actress working today. Perhaps even the top child actor, male or female. She is one of the few who comes across completely natural, neither cutesy nor overly poised.

    She singlehandedly made the Taken payoff worth the time invested. She also elevated "Uptown Girls" from another hackneyed role reversal pitch into something more substantial.

    Let's hope this isn't another "Cat in the Hat," although that mess had many other factors working against it.
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    If Dakota and crew can pull this off, [​IMG][​IMG].
  4. Justin_S

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    Its about damn time this film got back on track! This news prompted me to look for my old thread on what happened to the film, and I was surprised at how damn long ago that was: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=84543

    This is one of King's best novels from the past several years, and I look very forward to finally seeing Romero's take on it.
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    Loved the book and have been waiting long before it was announced for the movie.

    Like any King adapted work it will be either realllllly good or reallllllly bad.

    I have my doubts about how it will translate to the big screen. A lot of physical actions are repetative. A lot of the story revolves around the lead character's thoughts, mental anguish, flashbacks and baseball imagery.

    I think the reason this has taken so long is the difficulty in getting a good screenplay while keeping true to the original source material.

    Oh yeah and as good as the book was the ending was fairly disappointing.

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