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Nov 27, 2002
I have some question people.

I wonder what settings you have on the equalizer? ofcourse its an personality taste, but in general, i am not good to this stuff so i need some help.

The new Pioneer receivers with their automatic calibration realy got my attention.

I am sure that many , included myself not get the best of the receivers , because its so difficult to set up.

I also write an replay on the automatic FM radio storing which does not work on my receiver yesterday , but no one replay, maybe i have better luck now. I talk to Sony Norway but no one have heard about the problem. Thanks to you guys i send in my receiver for an software upgrade, and now i have vs 174 , and it work like an dream, well except from my automatic radio storing.

My receiver is an STR-VA555ES (the European model of DA5ES)
DVP player is Sony DVP-NS900
front speakers are the new Infinity Kappa 600 series ,
rear i have some Swedish Audio Pro speaker,
i will buy soon the center and the sub to the kappa 600

PS: my English is poor, but my knowledge to set up/calibrate this stuff is even worse, so you can imagine

Wayne Ernst

Effects Supervisor
Feb 24, 2002

I have the Sony STR-DA4ES. For listening through my speakers, I don't use any of the EQ settings. I'm more than happy with the sound and I don't want to color it in any way. However, when it comes to my Graod SR-60 headphones, I realized that they lacked a little bass. Using the EQ on the receiver, I created a setting that I use just for headphone listening. The Sony STR-DA4ES has 5 (I believe) EQ memory settings. I'm sure your receiver has a similar amount of memory settings.

Keep in mind that an EQ is usually utilized to make up for some deficiency in sound - or, to fill in an area where the sound is not properly filling that area. In this regard, you could adjust some of the settings on your receiver a bit to see if the sound improves. From there, you could save these settings in the memory and use them if desired. Or, turn them off if you wanted to.


Second Unit
Mar 2, 2002
I used my EQ along with Avia and a SPL meter to calibrate my subwoofer. I dialed the 2 lowest settings to boost or cut the bass as needed. If you are going to tweak your system, use a calibration disk and an SPL meter.

Have fun!


Nov 27, 2002
Thanks for the replays people

I wonder if spl meters is about the same as the MCACC thing on the new Pioneers receivers?

I also look into my manual on my Yamaha keyboard, and about the equalizer setting they say For example , you can cut some of the low range frequencies on large rooms spaces where the sound is to "boomy", dont now what it means , but anyway , or boost the high frequencies in small rooms where the sound is relatively "dead" and free for echoes.

I know this is an stupid question , but can you give an example on low and high frequencies?

In my ears it plays wonderful, with great and dynamic bass ,and very very clear, but i want the best of it , so that's why i have to ask you people

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