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    Dec 8, 2001
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    I have the SVS 25-31PCi and have unsuccessfully experimented with sony x-over from 70-100hrz and really heard no differance. I have all set to 90Hz My mains are set to small, LFE cutofff at its highest, and no use of eq with HT. Should I try to go lower (mains spec'd to 35HZ per Mirage FRx-7 manual) like 60. Some other questions;

    1 What should I set my adjustable LFE cutoff freq(40-120)? Standard ids 120.

    2 Is it a fair guess to set individual speaker x-over freq (L,R,C,RS) about 20Hz over the speakers lowest frequency response?

    Sub calibrated at 87db with Avia at 0 LFEpad and -5 sub output (on receiver).

    I appreciate all responses!
  2. Angelo_Petralba

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    Jan 22, 2002
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    Regarding the EQ portion of the 5ES- I have mine (L/C/R) set at 70 and set to Small. If I go any lower, My speakers are not very good at delivering Lower Frequencies because they start to make a Popping sound. There is a NOTICABLE difference when I set them to 60.

    My Sub is set to 70 for me to get good balance between the Mains and the Sub.

    there is more tweaking to be made for my set-up (Placement and More Calibration) if I could only figure out how to set Each Speakers LOUDNESS, I think I'll be set.

    Good Luck


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