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d-link dwl-650+ problem (1 Viewer)


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Dec 18, 2001
i just purchased a d-link di-614+ router with a dwl-650+ pc card for my vpr matrix laptop running windows home xp. i plugged my verizon dsl into the router and followed all the instructions to add the pc card to the laptop. the router itself seems to be working because i can surf then internet via the ethernet cable.

here's my problem. with the basic installlation the wireless pc card works fine. however, the pc card utility program will not run on my computer- meaning i can't change any of the encryption parameters. i've called d-link technical support five times and i've tried everything from uninstall/reinstall to disabling the windows xp wireless management (which completely screwed up everything and required restoration) to installation of a newer pc card driver (which is the latest problem because now the pc card doesn't work at all now). someone please help me; i'm pretty computer illiterate. thanks.


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Mar 10, 2001
I use a number of those Dlink cards at work. I've seen several instances where the monitor utility will not initialize correctly. You can still use the card, you just won't be able to see the signal strength.

First you need to verify the driver is installed correctly. you can do this by going to the device manager (right click on "My Computer", select "Manage", select "Device Manager" in the right pane).

open the tree node for "Network Adapters" and look for an entry for the Dlink Card. If there is a yellow exclamation point over the network card icon, then you need to reinstall the drivers.

You should now double-click on the card to bring up the properties dialog. Select the "Advanced" tab. You can make all the driver settings here. Channel, SSID, WEP etc.

Finish by clicking "Apply" and test by using "ipconfig" from the command line to verify that you got an IP from the DHCP server. Next use "ping" to ping the router. Good luck :) It's worth it to be able to surf from the back yard.

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