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Cypher - German edition

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Juan C, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Juan C

    Juan C Second Unit

    Jan 23, 2003
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    Prompted by PaulP's interest in this title (and its current excellent price on amazon.de), I'm posting some data on the excellent German edition of Vincenzo Natali's Cypher.

    Image: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1

    Audio: DD 5.1 English (448 kbps); 2.0 Headphone Surround English (192 kbps); DD 5.1 German (448 kbps)/ DTS 5.1 German (754 kbps)/ 2.0 Headphone Surround German (192 kbps)/ DD 2.0 Commentary (192 kbps)

    Feature subtitles: English / German / German for hearing impaired

    Layer change: 45' 23"

    Running time: 91' 30"

    Extras total running time: 281'


    Disc 1

    DVD introduction by Vincenzo Natali (1' 40") EGS
    Commentary by Vincenzo Natali, Brian King, Jasna Stefanovich & David Hewlett EGS
    Trailer (2' 23") GE
    Biographies (text) GE
    Nine trailers for other movies

    Disc 2

    Short film “Elevated“ (20' 22") EGS w/optional director's commentary

    Featurette (10'35") EGS

    Interviews (EGS)
    • Vincenzo Natali, Brian King, Jasna Stefanovich & David Hewlett (63'45")
    • Jeremy Northam [Morgan Sullivan] (20'44")
    • Lucy Liu [Rita Foster] (22'08")
    • Nigel Bennet [Finster] (4'50")
    • Timothy Webber [Calloway] (4'10")
    • Vincenzo Natali [Director] (17'42")
    • Derek Rogers [Cinematographer] (10'24")
    • Jasna Stefanovich [Production Designer] (9'25")
    • Bert Kish [Editor] (8'10")
    • Bob Munroe [Visual Effects] (14'20")

    Behind The Scenes (13'14") EGS

    Pre-Visualizations (7'38") EGS

    Nine deleted scenes (total 16'28") EGS w/ optional director's commentary

    Isolated soundtrack (51') (DD 5.1 / DD 2.0)

    Storyboard vs Film comparison (Multi-angle):
    Scene 1 (2'41") GE
    Scene 2 (2'49") GE

    Trailer (2') GE
    Trailer (2') EN

    Photo gallery

    Production notes (GE)

    DVD Credits (GE)

    Abbreviations used
    EGS: English with German subtitles
    EN: English
    GE: German

    The following was written originally in Spanish by member of a Spanish DVD forum who goes by the nickname 'avesatani.'
  2. PaulP

    PaulP Producer

    Oct 22, 2001
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    Thanks a lot, Juan! Mine's already on its way from Amazon.de. I was wondering about the interviews, as, according to DVD Compare, the UK edition has "three hours" of interviews, and I wasn't sure if the German edition had these. It apears it does, and seems to then be the definitive version. However, it does seem to omit the UK feature :Behind-The-Scenes (inc SFX) featurette, with director’s commentary (21 min)". Also DVD Compare states "B-Roll Footage" should be present on the German version. All in all, I can't wait to receive this set! I'm a huge Natali fan, and I also just ordered the French 2-disc edition of Cube, as companion for my R1 Sigtanure edition, since it appears to have a ton of exclusive extras. The Canadian DVD of Natali's other film, Nothing, is a good one, but I wish there would be more included on it. In the commentary they state there were some extended scenes and one deleted scene that they decided not to include. That's a shame... The making-of on Nothing though includes very short excerpts from Natali's early shorts, which was pretty cool.

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