Cyndi Lauper Live... At Last 05/25

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    An icon as both a singer and a fashion leader, Cyndi Lauper has become one of the most popular female solo stars in the history of music. Her charismatic personality is always in full flow at her shows, and when she returns to her beloved New York City to perform, it's usually a riotous occasion! This show is no exception, capturing Cyndi in the Big Apple at the Town Hall venue, working her way through a selection of hits from her back catalogue. Cyndi's infectious exuberance spreads throughout the crowd, making this a huge celebration for performer and fans alike. Song include "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "True Colors," "I Drove All Night," and many others.

    Recorded Live at theiTown Hall, New York City, New York on March 11, 2004

    1. Program Start
    2. At Last
    3. Stay
    4. I Drove All Night
    5. If You Go Away
    6. All Through The Night
    7. Walk On By
    8. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
    9. She Bop
    10. Sisters Of Avalon
    11. Change Of Heart
    12. True Colors
    13. Shine
    14. It's Hard To Be Me
    15. Money Changes Everything
    16. Unchained Melody
    17. Time After Time
    18. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
    19. Credits
    "Stay" Music Video
    Behind the Scenes

    Standard 1.33:1 Color

    ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
    ENGLISH: PCM Stereo

    SRP: $14.99

    The concert was broadcast on HDNet May 16th, 2004.
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    My dvd is in anamorphic widescreen and looks amazing. The sound could have had a little bit more oomph though.
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    Just a small nitpick, if she's one of the most popular female performers of all time, why hasn't she had a hit since 1989's "I Drove All Night"?

    & why can't she sell out the 500 seat theaters she's playing?

    Admitting the girl is talented, but calling her one of the most popular female performers of all time, when 5 out of her 9 records haven't even gone gold, is really exaggerating.

    She's So Unusual*
    True Colors*
    A Night To Remember*
    Hat Full Of Stars
    Sisters Of Avalon
    Twelve Deadly Cyns...& Then Some*
    Merry Christmas...Have A Nice Life
    At Last

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