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Cyberhome CH-LDV 712 7"portable dvd:my review (1 Viewer)


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Oct 6, 2002
I picked up this Cyberhome 7" LCD Portable player yesterday afternoon. Radioshack is carrying them in stores. I paid 349.00, about 25.00 more than you can find on-line, but at least if I don't like it I can return it to a local store.

The reason why I'm trying this player is mostly because of the battery life, it's supposed to last 4-4.5hours, and an extra 4 hour battery can be found for under 90.00 at HSN for sure. And Radioshack will have them soon.

I got home and charged the battery which they suggested takes 4 hours, I didn't pay attention to the actual time it took, but it has a red/green led on the charger to let you know when it's done.

This unit is incredibly light, but feels real solid, and compact. I think the unit weighs 1.4lbs and the battery is .8lbs. What's great is they include a car adapter, headphones, and video connections(component,s-video and composite). I've watched one movie so far and it played great. I had it in my lap and it got warm but not hot.

The onboard speakers are o.k, about what's to be expected with a portable unit.It has one headphone jack, and with my inexpensive koss headphones it sounded good.

I've also tested this player with some of my dvd-r movies which played perfectly. I can't comment on any dvd-rw or dvd+r/rw media. I played my dvd-audio of Linkin Park with no problems. I've also played a cd-r with mp3 files, and a cd-r with jpeg files for slideshow viewing. The lcd displays the mp3 titles and time remaining on the song. You can also navigate the cd directory to the particular picture or song you wish to view/listen.

This player also has a progressive output with 3:2 pulldown but I haven't used that feature yet. Anti-shock seems very good in my opinion. The lcd screen size looks great, anything much bigger to me doesn't seem as portable. One extra thing I would probably buy is a portable dvd player case to protect the unit since it's in my backpack.

O.K, I've got some negatives if you can call them that.

You can only adjust the brightness of the screen through 24 levels. (No big deal to me, picture still looks good)

Volume level is only + or -, no bass, treble, etc. (Still o.k though)

When you want to listen to say an mp3 disc or cd and want to turn the lcd off, you have to use the remote control and press the lcd button through it's four modes,(full, wide, normal, off). On the unit itself you can only choose full,wide,normal, I don't know why they didn't include lcd off, maybe a future firmware upgrade. Anyway a hassle, but I've found a workaround already.
When playing a cd you can turn the lcd to output mode which shuts it down but still plays the cd/mp3, then you can change tracks normally, but if you turn the screen back on it will reset the disc.

About 98% of the options you can use on the player itself, this is the only one I'm a little frustrated with. And I've only had the unit one day so we'll see. The remote is just the right size, not too bulky and not too small to lose,(I hope). So far I'm pretty pleased, and I'm going to see how far I can get the battery to go and I'll post back. Two batteries would be ideal for any situation. The manual is pretty easy to read so no complaints there.


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