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    Oct 1, 2001
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    I am building some designer speakers from scratch for my HT and I wanted to see what options I have. As far as raw OEM speakers are concerned, which tweeters are the best and which speakers produce the best "warmest" lows. I am mostly into music therefore I will not have a sub, only quad sound. so I dont need a Velodyne or nothing like that. I have heard that Infinity Perfects are pretty amazing but I wanted to get THE FORUM's opinions.
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    Aug 10, 1999
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    Just a suggestion, posting this message in the DIY section of the forum should get you more replies.
    Good luck!
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    May 3, 2000
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    a) quad sound? do i understand this to mean you want to do a four speaker HT (no center channel, no sub) OR do you intend to listen to music through four speakers placed around the room? (neither one of these would i recomend, BTW)
    b) i believe your making a mistake in not including a sub in your plans. my mains are quite capable of deep bass in my room, but my sub ads such a sweet dimension to the music.
    c) are you planning to design your own crossovers, or buy a pre engeneered kit including drivers and crossovers.
    d) what tweeters are best? how much money do you want to spend on the kit parts (drivers, crossovers, design work, hardware etc...) there are "bests" at a variety of price points.
    e) most of the better DIY drivers sport names you may never have seen before: scan-speak, focal, dynaudio, audax...
    youll need to give us a budget and your level of skill and then we may be able to help choose the stuff you need.
    oh and mikes right, the DIY area is the place for this discussion.
    'Till next time,
    Rich (the kite guy)
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