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May 23, 2003
Just completed my center speaker project.I am using 2-Klipsch KV1089 10" woofers, T35 horn tweeter, and a K52 midrange horn with the 90°x60° Tractrix® Horn. Crossover is a 3-way, 2nd order (12dB) crossover with a 3 octave spread between crossover points. Metallized polypropylene capacitors are used in critical midrange and tweeter signal paths. 18 gauge inductors are used to keep DC resistance to a minimum. crossover points are 700/5600.
The cabinet is 42"w x 13,5"h x 15"d. Also has 2 4" ports in the rear. Cabinet is made out of 3/4" oak plywood with complete internal bracing and wired with 12 gauge monster cable. Can't wait till she gets a little broken in but she sounds soo smooth now. I am very pleased with the results.
Comments are always welcomed

If you click on the link below it will take you to my HT page.


May 23, 2003

That was my whole reason for building this beast. If I could have fit a La Scala in the middle it would have made life much easier. So I decided to take parts from the 3 top lines Klipsch has produced. The tweeter is a EV T35(aka Klipsch K77)from the heritage line matched my La Scala's tweet. The Mid horn and compression driver are out of the KLF30 which was the top of the line in the Ledge nd line, and the 2 10" KV1089 are from a RF7 from the reference line. The mid is not as natural as the mid in the La Scala but still sounds great! The woofers, though not quite as fast as the La Scala's sound very very good. I ran these in parallel which provided a 4 ohm load. After everything said and done I am very pleased with the performance I have achieved. The La Scala's are 104db 1 watt and this came in at 100db 1 watt. Damn good I would say. This really made the difference in my center compared to my old one. I am still playing with it and may make some minor tweaks to smooth out the midrange a bit. Probably work on some crossover mods.


Allen Ross

Supporting Actor
Sep 30, 2002
looks nice, i see you are a Klipsch Mand ;)

Do you have any more pics of the construction, or internal bracing?

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