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  1. John Williams

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    Hello everyone!
    This is a purely non-technical, fashion/decorating question that I thought belonged in here.
    The room where I have my home theater set up has a set of windows on the end opposite the RPTV. There are three windows in the set, with a half-circle window over the middle one. The whole arrangement is probably close to 6 feet wide.
    Right now, we have 2” plantation shutters covering the lower (square) windows, but nothing over the upper half-circle one. This looks nice, but doesn’t do a whole lot in the way of light control for the room.
    So my question is: What can I do in terms of curtains, shades, etc. that will help control the light in the room a whole lot better than now? Whatever I come up with has to pass the SAT (Spouse Acceptance Test), and look nice.
    I was thinking about a large curtain rod above the whole window set (including the half-circle window), with some kind of heavy curtain material….but I’m concerned that it would look a little weird (it is a very tall set of windows.) The final solution has to look nice open as well as closed, after all.
    And on a related question…does anyone know of a source for light-blocking material that can be incorporated into curtains? Whatever we end up with in terms of a design, I think I have a line on someone locally to make it, so I’d like to be able to refer them to a particular material that works well.
    Thanks in advance!
    -John Williams
  2. James Gonzalez

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    John, I had a similar situation as far as lighting in a room, but the windows were behind the screen position. The wife and I decided on blackout drapes, that extended symmetrically behind the entire front stage.
    I think that the end result was rather pleasing. Check out my web site to see how ours turned out.
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  3. Deane Johnson

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    I think if you just specify black out lining, any fabricator will come up with what you want. There is not a specific brand or product that I know of that is better than another. This is not an uncommon request. People often use them for bedrooms.

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