Cudos SVS for helping the Fellowship

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Father John A, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Though I am far from an authority and SVS surely doesn’t need another plug, I would like to put in my two cents.

    We recently acquired a 20-39 PCi through the informative help of both the HTF and Mr. Ron Stimpson. First I have to give credit to everyone here who, through numerous reviews and commentaries, made an SV sub the clear choice. Secondly no small credit should go to Mr. Stimpson, who though quite busy, never seems too busy to answer myriad emails in helping with purchasing decisions.

    We had for a couple years been using a descent Sony powered sub. The difference between the Sony, which admittedly is not aimed at the same market or price range, and the SVS is inexpressible. Having limited experience with subs we were not prepared for the impact it would make on the whole system. In fact I found not just the bass to be impacted but also every aspect of the surround experience. My rear surrounds, small satellites, came alive with a richness that could only be attributed to the addition of the sub. As a pseudo-audiophile when younger, I would often stop at our local high end shop to hear Steamroller’s “Toccata” on the legendary Klipsch Corner Horns (maybe not the best speakers but very impressionable to a 16 year old). Thus I had to sample this track with the 20-39. I was not disappointed as the bass was very smooth and undistorted.

    As to the Fellowship of the Ring, I was reviewing it again with the new sub. After calibrating everything with DVE (which included setting my Boston Acoustics A60s to “small” instead of “large” which in turn directed more bass response to the sub instead of stressing the cones on my A60s, a huge improvement) I must say that the movie has a whole new dimension which I will equally chalk up to both the sub and DVE. The surround experience and the exceptional amount of LFE in that disc are, I think, overlooked as I have not seen it listed on any waterfall charts.

    Now if we only had a display to match the sound (still using a 13 year old 27” Sony)!
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    I was feeling good for you until the end:

    Welcome to the 20th century's addition to Dante's Inferno: Upgraditis!

    Seriously, I noticed the exact same thing with our system and the SVS. For some inexplicable reason the other speakers sounded clearer, had better highs, and just plain sounded better than before. This has to be an audio illusion as nothing else in our system changed but the sub (no settings, nothing.)

    First movie we watched was LOTR: Fellowship EE when we had the SVS hooked up, pure bliss. Even my wife admitted that 'maybe' it was worth the money for the new sub. High praise indeed from the cynic herself!

    Enjoy [​IMG]

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