CTHV Press Release: "The Talk Of The Town"

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    On DVD February 25 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment

    * * * * Culver City, Ca. (1/7/03) -- Silver screen legends Cary Grant,
    Jean Arthur and
    Ronald Colman star in the 1942 classic comedy The Talk of the Town, a
    sparkling gem of a
    comedy nominated for six. *Academy Awards including Best Picture, which
    debuts on DVD
    February 25, 2003, from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. Long
    considered one of
    the finest movies from the Golden Age of Comedy, this classic is a cross
    between TV's
    Three's Company and Seems Like Old Times and its timeless, sophisticated
    charm comes through
    even today.

    * * * * When a handsome fugitive, a beautiful teacher and a stuffy
    lawyer are forced to
    become roommates, their unconventional relationship is suddenly The Talk
    of The Town in
    this madcap comedy. Accused arsonist Leopold Dig (Academy Award winner
    Cary Grant,
    Honorary Award 1970) escapes from jail and hides out in the home of
    friend Nora (Jean
    Arthur). Posing as a gardener, Dig teams up with Nora to convince her
    summer tenant,
    Supreme Court candidate Michael Lightcap (Academy Award winner, Ronald
    Colman, Best
    Actor for A Double Life) that Dig was framed.

    * * * * The zaniness never stops as the three of them dodge the cops,
    try to snag the real crooks
    and discover along the way that both men have fallen for Nora. But who
    has captured
    Nora's heart?

    * * * * George Stevens directed The Talk of The Town, which was written
    by Irwin Shaw and Sidney


    * * * * Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
    * * * * Remastered in High Definition
    * * * * Full Screen Presentation
    * * * * Audio: English
    * * * * Subtitles: English, French, Japanese, Korean
    * * * * Bonus Trailers
    * * * * Interactive Menu
    * * * * Scene Selections

    Not Rated
    Black and White
    Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 118 Minutes
    Released in 1942
    DVD Cat # 07809
    UPC Code: #0-43396-07809-3
    Order Date: *1/23/03
    DVD SLP: $29.95
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    Great, great movie. However, the character's name is Leopold Dilg, not Dig.

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