CTHV Press Release: "Formula 51"

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    "FORMULA 51 is a High-Octane, Adrenaline-Pumped Action
    Comedy Packed with Wit and Style."

    ".an Addictive Adrenaline Rush That Will Leave You Craving
    for More."
    - John Black, BOSTON METRO

    Academy Awardr Nominee Samuel Jackson
    Stars in
    FORMULA 51
    This World of Shady Characters and Grimy Deals
    Debuts on DVD and Videocassette February 4, 2003

    Culver City, CA (Dec 05 2002) - Oscarr nominee Samuel L. Jackson
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones) and Robert Carlyle (The
    Full Monty, The
    World is Not Enough) star in the coolest, wildest action spectacular of
    the year,
    FORMULA 51 will releases on DVD and videocassette February 4, 2003 from
    Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. Directed by Hong Kong's leading
    action director
    Ronny Yu, FORMULA 51 also co-stars Emily Mortimer (Lovely & Amazing,
    Scream 3)
    and Meat Loaf (Fight Club, The Salton Sea).

    In this big action-packed thrill ride, Elmo McElroy (Jackson) is a
    American master chemist and the genius behind a designer "wonder" drug
    worth a cool
    $20 million. After ceremoniously blowing up his lab (and bosses) in Los
    Angeles, he
    heads for Liverpool, England, in search of a buyer for his new "party
    favor." But in
    between dodging an assassin's bullets and trying to stay one step ahead
    of the law, Elmo
    finds an unlikely partner in a rabid small-time gangster (Carlyle).

    A Screen Gems and Alliance Atlantis production. Produced by
    Andras Hamori,
    Seaton McLean, Jonathan Debin, David Pupkewitz and Malcolm Kohll.
    Written by Stel
    Pavlou and directed by Ronny Yu.

    Digitally Mastered Audio & Anamorphic Video
    Wide Screen & Full Screen Presentations
    Cinemax Special: The Making of FORMULA 51
    Bonus Theatrical Trailers
    Subtitles: English and Spanish
    Audio: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital)
    Interactive Menus
    Scene Selections

    Rated: R (for Strong Violence, Language, Drug Content and Some
    DVD Price: $27.96 SLP, rental VHS
    Original theatrical release: October 18, 2002
    Color/ Closed Caption/ 93 minutes
    VHS #08029 / UPC Code: 0-43396-08029-4
    VHS Spanish Subtitles #09092 / UPC Code: 0-43396-09092-7
    DVD #08030 / UPC Code: 0-43396-08030-0
    VHS Order date: 1/14/03
    VHS Street date: 2/4/03
    DVD Order date: 1/2/03
    DVD Street date: 2/4/03
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    this movie has been out in the UK for the past 6 months (or so) on rental DVD, and was released around 2 months ago on retail.There is more extras on the r2 including a commentary (i think) and a DTS track.


    It's one of the most stupid hash job of a film. It does look and feel like it was thrown together, such as some Nazi skinheads who seem to straight out of a Police Academy movie and are only there so Jackson can beat them with a golf club. Some scenes are funny (Robert Carlyle and Samuel L Jackson make a good double act) but everything around them in the film is just so bad and stereotypical that I could'nt even enjoy it as a brainless action comedy.
    BTW it was called the 51st State here in the UK.

    my 2c, take it or leave it.

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