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    A Funny, Intensely Appealing Look at Sex, Love and Stress
    in Today's Double-Career Family Life

    Critically Acclaimed Sundance Film Festival Favorite
    Director by Stan Rudolph
    Starring Campbell Scott and Hope Davis
    Opens Wide on DVD and VHS January 27

    * * * * Culver City, CA (November 17, 2003) - The Secret Lives of Dentists, the critically
    acclaimed 2003 Sundance Film Festival favorite from award-winning director Alan Rudolph
    (Afterglow, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle) will debut on VHS and Special Edition DVD
    on January 27, from Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment and Manhattan Pictures

    * * * * After its Sundance premiere The Secret Lives of Dentists, based on Jane Smiley's best-selling
    novella "The Age of Grief," quickly became a film festival favorite from coast to coast and
    enjoyed enthusiastic responses from critics and audiences during its limited theatrical release. *
    This contemporary look at life, love and family -- called "one of the summer's great
    discoveries" by The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern and "a qualified treasure -
    hilariously on-target" by The Boston Globe's Ty Burr --stars Campbell Scott (Roger Dodger)
    and Hope Davis (American Splendor, About Schmidt). *Denis Leary (Jesus' Son, The Thomas
    Crown Affair) and Robin Tunney (The Wedding Party, Vertical Limit) complete the talented
    cast with screenplay credit going to celebrated playwright and screenwriter, Craig Lucas
    (Longtime Companion, Prelude to a Kiss).

    "Teeth outlast everything. Death is nothing to a tooth.
    Life is what destroys teeth."

    * * * * Employing this dental observation as a powerful metaphor about marriage and human
    relationships, The Secret Lives of Dentists brings a unique blend of humor and realism to the
    story of Dr. Dave Hurst (Campbell Scott), who shares a private clinical practice with his
    bright and attractive partner and wife Dr. Dana (Hope Davis). *Step by step, together, they
    have created their "dream life," raising three beautiful children in their home and country
    house. *But they are also opposites and The Secret Lives of Dentists prods at the
    complexities, paradoxes, and tender moments of their marriage, providing a very funny, truly
    insightful and completely human portrait of a "perfect" couple at a critical crossroads in their

    * * * * Commentary by Director Alan Rudolph and Cast
    * * * * Featurette: "Sundance Channel Anatomy of a Scene"
    * * * * Deleted scenes
    * * * * Theatrical trailer
    * * * * Bonus trailers
    * * * * Widescreen Presentation 16x9 Anamorphic Video
    * * * * Audio: *English
    * * * * Subtitles: English
    * * * * Gag Reel

    Rated R
    Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 104 Minutes
    DVD Catalog #02799; VHS Catalog #02798
    DVD Order Date: 12/23/03; VHS Order Date: 1/13/04
    DVD SLP: $26.96, VHS rental
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    Is this the film that appears at the beginning of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail SE?


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