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    Ronald Epstein
    Classic High-Seas Epic Adventure Starring Peter O'Toole
    and Masterfully Directed by Oscar®-Winner Richard Brooks
    Based on the Best-Selling Novel by James Conrad

    ************************************************** **********************************


    ************************************************** **********************************

    Premiering For the First Time on DVD August 24

    Culver City, CA (June 14, 2004) - *Richard Brooks, one of America's most
    influential and successful
    directors teamed up with Academy Award®-winner Peter O'Toole (Lawrence of
    Arabia, Troy),
    Oscar®-nominee James Mason (The Verdict, Lolita) and Jack Hawkins (The
    Prisoner, The Cruel Sea)
    for the ambitious adaptation of Joseph Conrad's acclaimed high-seas epic
    adventure LORD JIM (1965).
    An undeniable classic story of redemption and honor filmed on location in
    exotic Cambodia and Hong
    Kong, LORD JIM will debut on DVD August 24 from Columbia TriStar Home
    Entertainment.The story of
    an idealistic Merchant Marine officer who disgraces himself when he
    abandons his ship, Conrad's classic
    nautical tale of cowardice and salvation was a stark departure for Brooks.
    Better known for the contemporary
    realism of such seminal hits as The Blackboard Jungle, Elmer Gantry and In
    Cold Blood, Brooks was eager
    to tackle LORD JIM's epic themes. *Aided by an outstanding supporting cast,
    which includes Curt Jurgens
    (The Spy Who Loved Me) and Eli Wallach (The Godfather III), LORD JIM
    faithfully captured all the action,
    drama and depth of Conrad's unforgettable adventure.

    This faithful adaptation of Conrad's 1900 novel tells the story of an
    idealistic young Englishman, Jim
    (O'Toole), who takes to the sea on a merchant vessel in his quest for
    adventure. Imagining himself to
    be a great man with a bright future, Jim instead deserts in a moment of
    desperation at the first true test
    of his mettle--in a torrential storm that threatens the ship and the lives
    of its passengers. Wracked with
    guilt and shame over his cowardly act, Jim travels the world in search of
    an opportunity to prove his worth
    and retrieve his lost honor. He finds such an opportunity in the
    unchartered jungles of Southeast Asia, when
    he agrees to deliver a shipment of dynamite to a tribe of natives and
    ultimately helps lead the oppressed
    tribe in a revolt against the tyrannical general who rules over them.

    * Digitally Mastered Audio &*Anamorphic Video
    * Remastered in High Definition
    * Widescreen Presentation
    * Audio: *English (Dolby Surround)
    * Subtitles: *English, Spanish
    * Bonus Trailers
    * Scene Selections

    Not Rated
    Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 154 Minutes
    Year of Release: 1965
    DVD Catalog # 04802
    UPC Code: 0-43396-04802-7
    Order Date: 07/22/04
    SLP: $24.96 DVD
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    Regarding "Lord Jim" audio specs:
    Audio: English (Dolby Surround)

    I hope this is an error as I have previously seen it announced as 3.0 which is what it should be.
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    After everyone's dire warnings of full-screen, it's nice to have confirmation that it's anamorphically enhanced for widescreen. Columbia continues to baffle, of course. If they can do Lord Jim and They Came to Cordura and Lilith right, why can't they do Gidget and Castle Keep right? So strange.
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    I think there was a review of this over at Film score Monthly and the reviewer said the sound was 3.0. Did this film NOT have surrounds?

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