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    "An impressively daring romantic comedy."
    - A.O. Scott, New York Times

    "A fantastic follow-up to The Wedding Singer. A romantic comedy with a lot of
    - Curtis Waller, MTV Radio

    Perfect Couple Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore
    Make a Date.... Again!

    *More than $118 Million Box Office Hit Romantic Comedy Debuts
    on Special Edition DVD and VHS June 15

    * * * * Culver City, CA (April 5, 2004) - Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, one of today's most
    popular onscreen couples after their successful wooing in The Wedding Singer, will be dating
    again when the romantic comedy 50 First Dates makes its debut on a Special Edition DVD
    and VHS June 15. *This sweet and funny film from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment,
    produced by Happy Madison Productions and Flower Films, proposes that love means never
    having to say "who are you again?" *Also starring Rob Schneider (Animal), Dan Aykroyd
    (Ghostbusters) and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), the more than $118 million
    box office hit comes to DVD just in time to celebrate summer fun. *50 First Dates Special
    Edition DVD will be available in both widescreen and full screen versions priced at $28.95
    SLP; order due date is May 13.

    About the Movie -
    50 First Dates is the story of marine biologist and confirmed bachelor Henry Roth (Adam
    Sandler) who finally finds the perfect woman, Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) and falls
    head over heels for her. But when he sees her the following day, she hasn't a clue as to who
    he is. *Lucy suffers from Anterograde Memory Dysfunction (a rare brain disorder that wipes
    her memory clean every night). *Now, with help of his friend Ula (Rob Schneider), Henry has
    to face the ultimate challenge; he must concoct new and increasingly clever ways to meet
    Lucy every day and get her to fall in love with him all over again.

    Says Barrymore, "I thought this was the best thing I'd ever heard of. *I just loved the idea of
    someone trying to make somebody fall in love with you every day. *I think that should always
    be a goal. *It's a beautiful practice and a beautiful message." Under the direction of Peter Segal
    (Anger Management, Nutty Professor II), and written by George Wing, 50 First Dates shot for six
    *weeks in more than a dozen locations on Oahu, Hawaii as well as six weeks in and around scenic
    locations in Los Angeles. *

    About The Film's Stars -.
    ADAM SANDLER (Henry Roth), who has enjoyed phenomenal success in the entertainment
    industry as a writer, producer, director, actor and musician, first gained international
    recognition as a cast member of television's "Saturday Night Live." *Most recently he starred
    opposite Jack Nicholson in Anger Management and was also nominated for a Golden Globe
    for Best Actor for his breakthrough performance in Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk
    Love. *Upcoming for Sandler is James L. Brooks' Spanglish opposite Tea Leoni.

    Among Sandler's many movie credits are The Wedding Singer, in which he also starred with
    Drew Barrymore, for an opening weekend gross of more than $22 million, 8 Crazy Nights
    and the $100 million-plus grossing Sandler films Big Daddy and Mr. Deeds.

    Sandler's production company, Happy Madison Productions, has a deal with Columbia
    TriStar Domestic Television to develop shows for the studio. *Sandler has also recorded
    several comedy albums which have gone multi-platinum (six million copies to date) and
    several years ago launched the successful Web site AdamSandler.com.

    DREW BARRYMORE (Lucy Whitmore) has been captivating movie-going audiences for
    nearly two decades, beginning with her early success in the classic E.T., The Extraterrestrial
    to her recent co-starring role, with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, in two Charlie's Angels
    films. *The films, which grossed more then a quarter billion worldwide, were also produced
    by Barrymore with Flower Films partner Nancy Juvonen.

    Ms. Barrymore's other credits include Confessions of a Dangerous Mind for director George
    Clooney; a cameo role in the well-received Donnie Darko, a Flower Films production which
    received three Independent Spirit Award nominations; Riding in Cars With Boys, directed by
    Penny Marshall; Never Been Kissed, which did $80 million at the worldwide box office and
    Ever After ($100 million in worldwide box office). *She has also appeared in the quirky
    romantic comedy Home Fries, Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You, Wes Craven's
    Scream; Irreconcilable Differences; Stephen King's Firestarter, and Cat's Eye, which King
    wrote especially for her and Altered States, in which she made her movie debut.

    Barrymore's Flower Films also has a first look deal with Sony Pictures.


    50 First Dates will create more than one billion household impressions through an aggressive
    television, online and print advertising campaign. *All television mediums will be reached:
    network (The Simpsons, Alias, Will and Grace), syndication (Seinfeld, Dharma & Greg,
    Blind *Date, *Ellen Degeneres), late night (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show
    with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV), sports (NBA Finals) and cable
    (Comedy Central, MTV, FX. USA, ESPN Networks, TBS, E!). In addition, the film will be
    advertised on the top 50 Adult Contemporary Hit Radio, Alternative and Rock stations in the
    Top 25 radio markets; as well as in national print (Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and
    US Weekly).


    Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment in conjunction with Hilton Hawaii, Oahu Visitors
    Bureau and Hawaiian Air are offering one lucky winner plus guest a 5-day/4-night vacation
    at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu. *Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa is
    the home of the "Super Pool" the largest swimming pool in Waikiki. *The lucky winner and
    guest will also get a massage at the famous Mandara Spa as well as passes to one of the
    locations where 50 First Dates was shot, Sea Life Park, with the option to participate in their
    "Splash U program," one of their dolphin interactive programs.

    About the DVD -

    Special Edition DVD Features Include:
    * * * * Five deleted scenes with optional director's commentary
    * * * * Gag reel
    * * * * Audio commentary with director Peter Segal and Drew Barrymore
    * * * * Talkin' Pidgin featurette; Native Hawaiians define various Hawaiian slang (Pidgin')
    * * * * words and phrases
    * * * * The Dating Scene Making-of Documentary; a viewer's guide through production
    * * * * Comedy Central's Reel Comedy Featurette; "First Look" special airing
    * * * * Three music videos
    * * * * o * * * *Love Song by 311
    * * * * o * * * *Hold Me Now by Wayne Wonder
    * * * * o * * * *An exclusive live performance of Amber by 311

    Rated PG-13 for crude sexual humor and drug references
    Close Captioned
    Running Time: 99 minutes
    Special Edition DVD Widescreen Cat #01426 / UPC Code: #0-43396-01426-8
    Special Edition DVD Full Screen Cat #06050 / UPC Code: #0-43396-06050-0
    VHS Cat #01424 / UPC Code: #0-43396-01424-4
    DVD Order Date: 5/13/04
    VHS Order Date: *5/25/04
    DVD SLP: $28.95 DVD; VHS rental
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    You can find our detailed review of the June 15th release of the Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore romantic comedy 50 First Dates here.

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    I'm not buying for at least 3 months after it hits because it's a CColumbia title.
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    Andrew Radke
    I'll be getting this next Tuesday for sure. I saw this in theatres and thought it was excellent. Ranks right up there with 'The Wedding Singer', another favorite of mine. Sandler and Barrymore have such amazing chemistry, they make the movie work on so many levels. Just like 'Wedding Singer', this film has the perfect mix of romance and comedy. A friend of mine was worried that this film would be as monotonous as 'Groundhog Day' where every day was repeated, but that's not the case here. The film was very well written, and the sight gags are hilarious......especially the walrus. LOL. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

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