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    Would appreciate input on which CRT to buy. Am looking at a Mitsubishi WS55515 and a Sony KDP 51SW655. Have reviewed the specs on both but need some input before pulling the trigger. Looking for some reviews.

    I live in a rural area and do not have an opportunity to go to stores and view each of the models. The local Seats catolog store can get both and match the prices at CC- Best Buy.

    Again any input would be appreciated.

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    First off welcome!

    Secondly, you need to take advantage of the "Search" function of the forum. Questions such as yours are numerous and answered numerously. Just type in the model numbers to see what you find.

    Also, you need to utilize Google and do a search for reviews that are usually scattered all over the web from places like Sound and Vison magazine,, Epinions, Circuit City's site, etc.

    Have fun in your quest!

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    You'll find a lot of satisfied owners for both brands. Just about all HDTVs will look really good with DVDs and Hi-Def sources. Satellite and cable can look good also, but since the quality of the signal is lower than DVD & HD you won't have an eye-popping picture.

    Store displays vary a lot as far as picture quality, a few stores go to a lot of trouble to get a good picture, most stores don't bother, so it's actually not that much of a disadvantage not being able to see all of the TVs in person.

    When the Toshiba widescreen HDTVs came out in late '99 I bought one blind. They were in very short supply and I waited over 2 months without ever being able to see one in a store. I had seen the Tosh 4:3 HDTVs at one store that had gone to the trouble to set them up properly, and they had a good picture, so I just grabbed the first available widescreen set that arrived at the store warehouse. It worked out great. I still have it, watched a DVD on it today, and the picture still looks fine.

    I'd check out the AVS forum and HomeTheaterSpot also and get some opinions. I think you'll be happy with whichever one you end up with.

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