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Discussion in 'Displays' started by George Bir, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. George Bir

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    Aug 25, 2004
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    Thought I had my mind made up, getting Hitachi rptv 51"crt.
    After more communication, started thinking about crt maintenance. First set up and all the adjustments to be made. Also upkeep of the quality of picture.
    Unsure of my abilities to do so myself. Not totally inept, however inexperienced.

    My quetions are:

    1.How long do crt adjustments hold. Assuming tv is not moved.

    2.Will the pci20-39 sub through crt out of adj if located within inches of set.

    3.Does the dlp need adjustments other than basic color,contrast,tint.

    4.If unable to adjust crt myself. Will the cost of upkeeping make up the difference in price to the dlp. Even considering changing bulb every 5-7 years (avg usage 2-4 hrs day).

    It's said that the crt rptv is still a better picture than the dlp or lcd. Is that only if it is running at 100% quality. I'm worried I can not sustain this quality and at 80% the dlp would be better. However cost is still an issue, hence the above quetions.

    Sorry for the long post.
    As always your help and opinions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Leo Kerr

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    May 10, 1999
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    RPTV maintenance is not hard... with a couple of very serious provisos.

    1. What quality the manual? I trained on-the-job on a CRT Barcographics 1208 projector. The manual was a life-saver. It was set up in a logical fashion, it matched the menus, and it all worked. With the manual, all I needed was a great deal of patience. (First time, doing a massive geometry recal and all, took me 6 hours. Second time I did the same scale job, it took me 2 hours.)

    2. Adjustments should hold 'for a while.' We've a number of old Sony CRT projectors in the field. In my experience, you set it up, and it runs. After a couple of months, go back and fine-tune it again. Come back every year or three for some more fine-tuning. (We're running 9hrs a day.)

    I have no idea what your sub'll do. That's definitely a 'your milage may vary' type issue.

    DLP maintenance should be relatively easy: change a filter every now and again, change a lamp every now and again. Probably re-address brightness/contrast/color issues with the lamp age and/or new lamp.

    Now, again, my experience has been with CRT projectors. Conceptually, they're the same as CRT RPTVs, but generally they're built a little differently. At least with the Sony adjustments (these were old enough not to have remotes) there was a bay with 36 pots. But for the daunting view of 36 pots with cryptic symbols, it was easy: start on the top left, work across. Move down one row and work left-to-right again.

    It's not rocket science. It just leaves the question of, will you be happy doing this, and will you be happy after a year or two? Can't help you there...

    Leo Kerr
  3. ChrisWiggles

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    Aug 19, 2002
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    With a little gumption, anyone can get a great picture from a CRT device, be it front or rear pj. I personally hate dealing with RPTVs (thank goodness I rarely do that for friends or much) just because everything is set and brand specific, and buried away in menus, and you can't get setup manuals, etc etc. FP CRTs, as leo mentioned are meant for the pros, and not much is hidden away, very logical.

    As for all analog sets, those are pretty much moot, I've never dealt with one, but I can imagine it would take me a lot more time than anything more recent with on-screen menus, etc.

    With an RPTV, you major "tweak" convern is merely convergence, though I'd also check optical focus and mechanical setup, etc. Then getting the basic calibrations. Getting grayscale correct without proper equipment is crude at best, but with basic setup gumption you can throw a fabulous picture.
  4. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    I have a 3 year old Sony KP57HW40 16/9 HD-ready crt based rptv.

    I've done a couple of minor tweaks in the service menu and calibrated with AVIA. I did the AVIA calibration when I first got the set and repeated it a couple or three times in the first month or so. After that I redo it about twice a year, though nothing seems to change much.

    As far as maintenance, I have never had the set drift out of convergence even though there is a HSU STF-2 sub placed right next to it and I play movies pretty loudly.

    On a couple of occasions in the 3 years I've owned the set the picture started to look a bit washed out and a bit blurry. Both times I removed about half a dozen screws on the back of the set and gently cleaned the crt lenses with Sprayway glass cleaner first sprayed sparingly on a soft paper towel, and pq was fully restored.

    There's lots of information on the 'net about service menu adjustments on the Sonys, from my HW40 series all the way up to thier current 510-520-550 models. I've done only a few, one to correct red push and another to tone down SVM, as well as a tiny bit of grayscale adjustment. That combined with AVIA calibration has resulted in a very nice picture and I feel no real need for an expensive ISF calibration on the set.

    Some makes of set are more stable than others as far as drifting out of adjustment, picture changing during the first hour or so of operation, etc. and this applies to direct view as well as rptv crt models. I've owned 2 Hitachi rptvs, a 99 model analog ultravision, and briefly an 02 Hitachi widescreen HD read model. Both were noticeably less stable and consistent than my present Sony.

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