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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Brian_j_h, Jul 3, 2005.

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    I hope someone can give me sone guidance. I am helping a friend of mine with his home theater and we have purchased a NEC XG1100 projector, the issue we have is how to get the signals from the satellite receiver and dvd player to the projector in the most cost effective and efficient manner. I was thinking of a line doubler/tripler etc. that has RGBHV outputs on it I have seen one that takes the RGB and converts it to RGBHV it is around $300, however I thought that if anyone could recommend a line doubler that would let an HD signal pass thrgh that wasn't high dollar it would help increase the quality of the picture from the dvd as well. The screen size is gouing to be aprox 102" and the distance to the first seat is about 10 - 11 feet. His receiver does have compnent video switching capability with 2 inputs and 1 output therefore a switch is not 100% necessary but is an option. Any other info needed let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I had a NEC PG9 PJ and ran a Viewsonic VB50 to do my switching and scaling. I took in composite and S-video as well as VGA pass through in which I ran my HD from a HD receiver that put out VGA. I bought it for $100 and it served me well, it also scaled every thing up to 1024x768 which worked great for the NEC.

    I'm sure now aday there are other inexpensive scalers that will do Componet but I now are running a Digital PJ so I have been out of the CRT loop for a while.

    Look at this:
    Run a break out cable that is 15pin (VGA) to the 5 BNC's that plug into the NEC.
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    An XG is a superb machine and demands a high quality feed at it's sweetspot resolution probably around 720p in 16:9 or higher, depending on setup quality. Something like a Lumagen HDP would be what I would want to feed it with, or an HTPC, etc.

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