CRT die hard considering a 44" DLP RPTV. What do I need to know?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Rolando, May 20, 2005.

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    Short version of my story is I need to pick a new TV after my Tosh 34HFX84 was deemed irreparable.

    No other 34" really does it for me. maybe the Sony 34XS955 but cannot justify the extra $1000 (Canadian).

    51" RPTV would be my next choice but might be too big for the living room. Which leaves me with LCD or DLP RPTVs. I figure if I have to put extra $ it might as well be bigger.

    However have never like these displays. they always look pixely and hazy to me. Is it me or this is just how these TVs are made? just cannot handle fast action right?

    what else do I need to know? I hear about "rainbow effect" on DLPs. is it on all of them? I am considering the Toshiba 44NHM84, good model? What are pros and cons?

    My gut tells me I should probably find a way to fit the 51HX84...

    Thought I would ask the experts!
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