Crown K2 new for $979.00 + tax!!!

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know of this deal.

    K2 amp new for $979.00 + tax

    Apparently, all of the Mars Music stores in california are closing down. The store at the "Block" in southern california has three k2 amps left. Two were display models and one more was out of the box. I think they also had 1 k1 for ~$860.
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    Any way those of us on the East Coast could take advantage of these deals? I wonder if we called the store if they would ship it here?

  3. I would pick one up for you except the only ones left are out of the box. ...and I don't really have the means to properly package these heavy beasties.
    GIve them a phone call! they might be willing to ship it to you!
    20 City Blvd West - Space G-2
    Orange, CA 92868 US
    Phone: 714-769-6140
    also check other california Mars music stores to see if they have any in the box....or for that matter, try a local Georgia store and see if they will price match it!

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