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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Babek, Sep 27, 2003.

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    On the back of my subwoofer, I just noticed that there is a switch called 'crossover slope switch', which can be set to either -12dB or -24dB. Which should I keep it too. If you need any info on my theater it's as follows:

    Integra DTR 5.3 receiver
    kenwood 10" subwoofer
    A room that measures to be about 12.5'x14'( not too big)

    Also, what should I set the crossover on my receiver to be? 80hz, 100hz, or 120hz? remember, i have a 10" sub.
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    The sub's own crossover circuit allows you to change how quickly the low bass (striped from the other speakers) rolls off below the set crossover Hz frequency. This slope is used to best blend the sub bass with the main spkrs' midbass where they overlap, so it sounds smooth.

    But most people dont use the sub crossover and turn it off.

    In this scenario, select 80Hz on the receiver (the THX standard) and connect the rcvr to the sub via the rcvr's SUB OUT and one RCA input on the sub. In set-up select SUB only. Spkrs set to SMALL.

    This lets the rcvr's more capable bass management and crossover circuitry do all the work in sending low bass to the sub.

    To disable the sub's crossover, use any BYPASS ON switch or merely turn the sub's knob to maximum, usually about 140Hz.

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