Crossover Settings for Klipsch F-30 System

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by rikinky17, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I was wondering if anyone can help me with the crossover settings for this system? It is Klispch F-30 System. Here is the spec for each speaker. I have a Denon reciever that allows me to adjust each crossover setting individually as well. Klipsch F-30 System Fronts Center Surrounds: Sub: Receiver Denon AVR-791 OK the question I have is can I set the fronts to Large on this system and what is your recommended crossover setting for each speaker and what do I set the sub crossover to? I have heard you should never set the fronts to Large and etc and wanted to see what everyone else thought. Right now I have the crossover set to 60hz and the sub to 80 Hz and Fronts to Large and everything else to small. Should I individually set each speakers crossover or just flat setting? Thanks for all the help.
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    I'd set all speakers to Small, the crossover on the center and surrounds to no higher than 100 and 120 might be better. They only go down to 82-83hz anyway. The fronts to no lower than 60 with 80 probably better. Send all those really deep notes to the sub. It's designed to handle them.

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