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Crossover recomdations

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Brad E, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. Brad E

    Brad E Second Unit

    Jan 11, 2004
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    First off, I'm still waiting on my system to arrive.[​IMG]
    It should be this week though.

    Anyways after doing a bunch of searching and reading, I'm now more confused than I was before. (If that's possible)
    What I do understand is any frequency above my crossover point will go to the selected speaker. Any frequency below is diverted to the sub. That's about all I know.

    Here's a list of my speakers.

    4 JBL ND310II's Left/Right and Surrounds
    Frequency Response= 37Hz - 20kHz
    Crossover Frequency= 1000, 5000Hz

    JBL EC35 Center Channel
    Frequency Response= 75Hz - 20kHz
    Crossover Frequency= 800Hz, 3200Hz

    JBL PB12 Sub

    My receiver is a H/K 7200 which has triple crossovers (L/R, CC, & surrounds) which come from the factory set at 100Hz.
    Now ideally I would like to use my big 310's for bass as well as my sub.
    So what should I do? I know the typical response is to set them at 75-80Hz. But that means that my 310's won't be using even close to their potential.
    And should I use the same crossover setting for all speakers? Just asking because I couldn't find much info on the best crossover point for the center channel
    Thanks for any help.
  2. Wayne A. Pflughaupt


    Aug 5, 1999
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    Corpus Christi, TX
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    Not necessarily. Your center doesn’t have near the power handling capabilities of the mains, so you might want to set its crossover higher than the others.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
  3. BrianWoerndle

    BrianWoerndle Supporting Actor

    Feb 19, 2002
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    I agree with Wayne. Especially since you have big fronts and rears. You do not want bass coming from all corners of the room. The bass response would be all over the place.

    I would set the fronts to 60 or 80 hz. Your center needs to be set at 100hz. The surrounds I would try at 80 and 100hz.

    Remember that crossovers are not brick walls, they are slopes. So just because you have to set to 80hz, your speakers will still produce some sound well below that point. (That is why I said 100 for your center, not 80).

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