Criterion's PANDORA'S BOX

Jon Martin

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Sep 19, 2002
Haven't read anything here about it yet, but thought I would mention that Criterion's PANDORA's BOX, released last week, is an EXCELLENT disc.

This is the G.W. Pabst silent film from 1928 starring Louise Brooks. The film is amazing, still holds up today.

The print is a bit worn, but still looks good. The movie features four different silent scores, as well as a commentary track.

The extras disc features two documentaries on Brooks, one from TCM and an interview with Brooks from the 70's.

I rented this from Netflix. Watched the movie and immediately went online and bought it. A great film. And, I am now a big Brooks fan. Her life sure was fascinating.

If anyone is on the fence about getting it, I'd say it would be a must buy.


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Jul 19, 2002
I was very tempted to order this, but since I went a little nutty during the recent DDD and deals, I sadly have to leave this one for another day.

I've got it coming in from Netflix though, and it should be here today as a matter of fact.

I've always been entranced by this movie, but the score that was on the original (Embassy?) VHS tape was maddeningly repetetive. The initial hook was quite hypnotic and a little (infrequent) repetition would certainly have been fine- but the whole score seemed to be the same 8 notes played over and over and over with just varying degrees of intensity. Really made it difficult for me to watch.

I'm very curious to see what my reaction will be to the film now with the different underscoring.

on a trivial note- the first laserdisc I had that ever rotted to the point of being completely unwatchable was Diary Of A Lost Girl. I would love to see Criterion put that one out as well.

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