Criterion/Universal/WB (?): The Sin of Harold Diddlebock/Mad Wednesday (Sturges/Lloyd

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    This film is in the public domain, but I have no idea where the rights would be.

    United Artists originally released the film, but RKO released the 1950 re-release. Howard Hughes produced the film, so I wonder if Universal could have it. Then again, it could be Warners.

    This is a VERY funny film directed and scripted by Preston Sturges, starring Harold Lloyd. This film was Lloyd's last (save for a few compilation films) and one of his best sound films. A DVD edition would be superb.

    If anyone knows for certain the rights, please reply.
  2. Peter Canavese

    Mar 11, 1999
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    I don't know who owns the rights, but I suspect this is in serious need of preservation. The Stanford theatre in Palo Alto could only secure a 16mm print (from the Sturges archives, I think) to show for their recent booking, which I generally take to be a bad sign for the future of a film.

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