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    Clean, Shaven
    Lodge Kerrigan began his succession of utterly unique, visually and aurally dazzling character studies with the raw, ravaging Clean, Shaven. A headfirst dive into the schizophrenic mindscape of Peter (played by the remarkable Peter Greene) as he tries to track down his birth daughter after he is released from medical treatment, Kerrigan’s film brilliantly uses sound and image to lead audiences into a terrifying subjectivity. No one is left unscathed.

    € Directed by Lodge Kerrigan (Claire Dolan, Keane)
    € Starring Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction, The Mask)

    Director-approved special edition features
    · New, restored high-definition digital transfer
    · Audio commentary in which Steven Soderbergh interviews director Lodge Kerrigan
    · A new video piece written and narrated by critic Michael Atkinson exploring the film’s unique sound design
    · Trailer
    · MP3 downloads from the film’s final sound design
    · Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
    · Plus: A new essay by Dennis Lim

    CAT: CC1653D
    UPC: 7-15515-02032-9
    ISBN: 1-934121-01-0
    SRP: $29.95
    Prebook: 9/12/06
    Street date: 10/17/06

    Sólo con tu pareja
    Before Alfonso Cuarón helmed the international sensation Y tu mamá también, he made his mark on Mexican cinema with the ribald and lightning-quick contemporary social satire Sólo con tu pareja. Don Juan–ish yuppie Tomás Tomás (Daniel Giménez Cacho, from Bad Education) spends his nights juggling so many beautiful women that he can’t keep their names straight—until one gives him a taste of his own medicine. Cuarón’s wildly successful feature debut surveys contemporary urban sexual mores with style to spare.

    € Directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Y tu mamá también, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
    € Starring Daniel Giménez Cacho (Bad Education, Deep Crimson)
    € Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki (The New World, Y tu mamá también)

    Director-approved special edition features
    · New, restored high-definition digital transfer
    · A new documentary on the making of Sólo con tu pareja
    · Alfonso Cuarón’s 1983 short film Quartet for the End of Time
    · Co-screenwriter Carlos Cuarón’s 2000 short film Wedding Night
    · Original theatrical trailer
    · New and improved English subtitles
    · Plus: A new essay by film scholar Ryan Long, and a humorous biographical sketch of the main character written by Carlos Cuarón

    CAT: CC1652D
    UPC: 7-15515-02022-0
    ISBN: 1-934121-00-2
    SRP: $29.95
    Prebook: 9/12/06
    Street date: 10/17/06

    Hands Over the City
    Anchored by a ferocious lead performance from Rod Steiger as a scheming land developer, Francesco Rosi’s Hands Over the City moves breathlessly from a cataclysmic building collapse to the backroom negotiations of civic leaders vying for power in a City Council election. Plunging headfirst into the politically driven real-estate speculation that has devastated Naples’ civilian landscape, Hands Over the City, which was awarded the Golden Lion at the 1963 Venice Film Festival, remains a blistering work of social realism.

    Special double-disc edition features:
    € New, restored high-definition digital transfer
    € Neapolitan Diary (1992), Rosi’s feature-length sequel to Hands Over the City
    € New video interviews with director Francesco Rosi, film critic Tullio Kezich, and filmmaker Jean-Pierre Gorin
    · Video discussion with Rosi, co-writer Raffaele La Capria, and film critic Michel Ciment
    € Plus: A new essay by film critic Stuart Klawans and a 2003 interview with Rosi

    CAT: MAN260
    UPC: 0-37429-18752-4
    ISBN: 0-78002-801-5
    SRP: $39.95
    Prebook: 9/19/06
    Street date: 10/24/06

    Jane Campion will always be remembered for the shock and delight of her stunning debut feature, Sweetie. Campion focuses on the hazardous relationship between the buttoned-down, superstitious Kay and her rampaging, devil-may-care sister, “Sweetie,” and by extension, their entire family’s profoundly rotten roots. A feast of distinctly framed photography and captivating, idiosyncratic characters, Sweetie heralded the emergence of this enormously gifted director as well as the breakthrough of Australian cinema.

    € Written and directed by Jane Campion (The Piano, An Angel at My Table, In the Cut)
    € Starring Dennis Price (Kind Hearts and Coronets, Ten Little Indians)

    Director-approved special edition features
    € New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised by director of photography Sally Bongers and approved by director Jane Campion
    € New Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack
    € Audio commentary featuring Campion and Bongers and screenwriter Gerard Lee
    € Making Sweetie, a new video interview featuring the stars of the film
    € Campion’s early short films: An Exercise in Discipline: Peel; Passionless Moments; and A Girl’s Own Story
    € Jane Campion: The Film School Years, a 1989 conversation between Campion and critic Peter Thompson
    € Extensive gallery of behind-the-scenes photos and production stills
    € Original theatrical trailer
    € Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
    € Plus: A new essay by film scholar Dana Polan

    CAT: CC1654D
    UPC: 7-15515-02042-8
    ISBN: 1-934121-02-9
    SRP: $39.95
    Prebook: 9/19/06
    Street date: 10/24/06
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    Finally, and from Criterion! I've been wanting this one for years. Those extras are nice as well with a generous helping of short films (I only remember having seen Peel and Girl's Own Story).
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    For me, "Clean, Shaven" is the jump-for-joy title (though I'm not sure many of you would associate "joy" with that particular film), and also Sólo con tu pareja, a film I've wanted to see ever since being blown away by "Y Tu Mama Tambien", and which I don't believe has ever been released State-side.
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    For me, the standout among the four releases is Alfonso Cuarón's Sólo con tu pareja (literally, "Only with Your Partner," though screened internationally as "Love in the Time of Hysteria" or "A Tale of Love and Hysteria"). For his first feature film, Cuarón had the cojones to make a straight (as opposed to gay) romantic comedy about AIDS (a very politically incorrect thing to do in 1991) that charmed audiences. Outside of a few festival screenings, the film has been impossible to see with English subtitles (in conjunction with the DVD release, IFC Films will be distributing the film for a limited theatrical run--its first in North America--beginning September 20th).

    In 1994, the magazine Somos published a list of the 100 Greatest Films of the Mexican Cinema. Sólo con tu pareja occupies position #87.

    Though probably most famous for directing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Cuarón is also responsible for the 2001 masterpiece, Y tu mamá también, the critically lauded children's fairy tale, A Little Princess (1995), and the polarizing update of Great Expectations (1998). Early buzz on his forthcoming sci-fi thriller Children of Men (opens September 29th) is quite positive.

    In short, the 44-year-old Alfonso Cuarón has proven himself as a truly gifted, versatile, and imaginative filmmaker, and Criterion and IFC are finally giving US viewers a chance to see his well-regarded debut. I can't wait.

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