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Criterion Press Release: March 2006 Releases

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Ronald Epstein, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Ronald Epstein

    Ronald Epstein Founder

    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein
    March 2006

    Traffic - Steven Soderbergh examines the effect of drugs as politics, business, and lifestyle, interweaving the stories of a newly appointed drug czar and his family, a West Coast kingpin¹s wife, a key informant, and cops on both sides of the U.S./Mexican border. Instantly recognized as a classic, Traffic appeared on more than 200 critics¹ ten-best lists, and earned five Academy Award nominations.

    Cat: CC1622D
    Title: Traffic
    UPC: 7-15515-01722-0
    SRP: $39.95
    Prebook date: 1/31/06
    Street date: 3/7/06

    3 Films by Louis Malle (4 disc box set) - A four-disc box set showcasing director Louis Malle's loose trilogy of acclaimed films about the loss of innocence and modern France. Murmur of the Heart is about a 15-year-old boy growing up in Dijon in the 1950s and his scandalous behavior. Lacombe Lucien takes place in the summer of 1944, and tells the story of an 18-year-old working for the occupying Nazis. Au revoir les enfants is Malle's award-winning, autobiographical story about two boys at a provincial Catholic boarding school during the war, and the secret they share. Also includes a fourth disc of supplements, exclusive to this box set.

    Cat: MAL030
    Title: 3 Films by Louis Malle
    UPC: 0-37429-21292-9
    SRP: $79.95
    Prebook date: 2/7/06
    Street date: 3/14/06

    MURMUR OF THE HEART - Louis Malle¹s critically acclaimed Murmur of the Heart
    gracefully combines elements of comedy, drama, and autobiography in a candid portrait
    of one boy¹s journey from childhood to adulthood. Malle¹s depiction of a precocious
    fifteen-year old boy¹s sexual maturation and unorthodox relationship with his free-
    spirited mother is both shocking and deeply poignant, amounting to one of the finest
    coming-of-age films ever committed to film.

    Cat: MUR040
    Title: Murmur of the Heart
    UPC: 0-37429-21252-3
    SRP: $29.95
    Prebook date: 2/7/06
    Street date: 3/14/06

    LACOMBE, LUCIEN - One of the first French films to address the issue of collaboration
    during the German Occupation, Louis Malle¹s brave and controversial Lacombe, Lucien
    traces a young peasant¹s journey from potential Resistance member to Gestapo recruit.
    At once the story of a nation and one troubled boy¹s horrific coming of age, the film is a
    disquieting portrait of lost innocence and guilt.

    Cat: LUC070
    Title: Lacombe, Lucien
    UPC: 0-37429-21242-4
    SRP: $29.95
    Prebook date: 2/7/06
    Street date: 3/14/06

    AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS - Based on events from writer-director Louis Malle¹s own
    childhood, Au revoir les enfants is the tragic story of friendship and devastating loss
    between two boys at a Catholic board-school in Nazi-occupied France. Julien befriends
    Jean, and the two precocious youths enjoy true camaraderie until Jean¹s secret‹
    that he is a Jew being hid by sympathetic priests‹is revealed. Subtly and precisely
    observed, the film is a tale of cowardice and courage and ultimately heartbreaking
    awakening into adulthood.

    Cat: AUR020
    Title: Au Revoir Les Enfants
    UPC: 0-37429-20712-3
    SRP: $29.95
    Prebook date: 2/7/06
    Street date: 3/14/06

    FISTS IN THE POCKET - A dark, perverse portrait of family dysfunction, Fists in the Pocket stunned moviegoers and critics alike with its unflinching social critique and brazenly assured style. This award-winning feature debut by writer/director Marco Bellocchio heralds the arrival of a powerful filmmaking voice, and ranks as a truly unique classic of Italian cinema.

    Cat: CC1626D
    Title: Fists in the Pocket
    UPC: 7-15515-01762-6
    SRP: $29.95
    Prebook date: 2/21/06
    Street date: 3/26/06

    Mr. Arkadin - American smuggler Guy van Stratten decides to investigate the mysterious Mr. Arkadin (Orson Welles) after hearing about the wealthy man from a prison cellmate. Van Stratten befriends Arkadin's daughter, Raina, but Arkadin himself claims amnesia about his own life, sending van Stratten off to investigate his past. The search spans many countries and characters, but the real purpose of the mission is not what it seems. Orson Welles's elusive film presented in three different versions.

    Cat: ARK010
    Title: Mr. Arkadin
    UPC: 0-37429-20772-7
    SRP: $49.95
    Prebook date: 2/21/06
    Street date: 3/26/06

    ATTN CANADA: Traffic and Mr. Arkadin are not available in Canada. 3 Films by Louis Malle and Fists in the Pocket are available in English Canada only.
  2. Jon Martin

    Jon Martin Cinematographer

    Sep 19, 2002
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    Oh wow, FISTS IN THE POCKET is a GREAT title for Criterion. Very wild film.

    I saw it once in a college film class, haven't seen it since. Never available on video in the US. No one seems to have even heard of it.

    Thanks Criterion!
  3. Ray H

    Ray H Producer

    Jun 13, 2002
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    Traffic? Again?
  4. Michael_K_Sr

    Michael_K_Sr Screenwriter

    Aug 14, 2005
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    Chicago 'burbs
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    Was looking to pick up this title at Amazon when I noticed they have a re-issue coming out March 7. Anyone know if there is any difference in the content on the new disc? The only thing I can tell is that the new version costs four bucks more.
  5. Matt Czyz

    Matt Czyz Supporting Actor

    Jun 5, 2003
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    From Colin's review at DVDMG:

    "Note that this 2006 release of Traffic is apparently identical to the original 2002 Criterion DVD. Don’t expect to find any changes in quality or extras."

    Full review here.
  6. ChristianB

    ChristianB Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 13, 2000
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    Traffic is available for sale in Canada - just distributed by Alliance Atlantis

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