Criterion LD notes vs. DVD notes

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    Just updating some info from an old post.
    Many times Criterion will use or incorporate the
    liner notes from their old laser disc in their new DVD
    when it is the same title.
    There has been a few occasions when they differ.
    Here is the short list that I have come up with so far;
    (56) The 39 Steps
    LD notes by Michael Wilmington
    DVD notes by Marian Keane
    (93) Black Narcissus
    LD notes by Ronald Haver
    DVD notes by Dave Kehr
    (111) Mon Oncle (OOP)
    LD notes by Alan Rich
    DVD notes by Matt Zoller Seitz
    (116) The Hidden Fortress
    LD notes by David Ehrenstein
    DVD notes by Armond White
    (135) Rebecca
    LD notes by Leonard J. Leff
    DVD notes by Robin Wood
    (137) Notorious
    LD notes by Rudy Behlmer
    DVD notes by William Rothman
    (138) Rashomon
    LD notes by Alexnder Sesonske
    DVD notes by Stephen Prince
    (155) Tokyo Olympiad
    LD notes by Jeff Kisseloff
    DVD notes from "Tokyo Olympiad:A Symposium" and
    George Pimpton
    See the details at the following sites;
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    How about chasing amy?
    Kevin Smith screaming F$%^& DVD on the LD and doing the retraction on the DVD (DVDs are my friends, I would never say such a thing.....)

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