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Criterion LD: Man Bites Dog, F for Fake, + Art of Tom & Jerry, Volume 1 (1 Viewer)

alan halvorson

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Oct 2, 1998
I have for sale two highly desireable and hard-to-find Criterion single disc LDs, plus the Art of Tom & Jerry 5-disc box, Volume 1.
  • Man Bites Dog ($25)
  • F for Fake ($25)
  • The Art of Tom & Jerry, Volume 1, 5-disc box set ($45) SOLD!
These are well under normal Ebay selling prices. Both Man Bites Dog and F for Fake are former rentals. Both have split jackets and small stickers on the front upper right-hand corner and on the back lower right hand corner. Nothing critical has been covered - all text is perfectly readable. The jackets cannot be reglued (otherwise I would have done it). Other than this, the jackets are in surprisingly good (but not perfect) condition, as are the discs. The discs play fine. Man Bites Dog is, overall, the better of the two.
The Art of Tom & Jerry is - let's just say the discs are fine and play well. The inner box has some wear and one corner split. The outer box is in poor condition. It has been flattened, there's a split on the top edge and higher-than-average wear. It is (in my opinion) repairable to an acceptable condition, if you want to make the effort, but you can't make it mint. This set typically goes for $100-$150 on Ebay. If you can put up with the box condition, you can own some of the funniest cartoons around and save $50-$100 in obtaining them.
I ship USPS only. Shipping will be your choice of Priority or Media Rates. Delivery confirmation is required. 1-disc rate = $4.35 Priority, $2.50 Media. 2-disc rate = $5.55 Priority = $3.00 Media. I will need your zip code to give you a quote on the Tom & Jerry Box set. Insurance is optional and is $1.10 for up to $50 and $2.00 for up to $100. If you decline insurance, you agree that I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. I pack very well, however, so your main risk will be a lost package. IF YOU BUY ALL THREE, I WILL INCLUDE FREE MEDIA RATE SHIPPING!
I prefer payment via PAYPAL or money order.
Please respond here, to my home e-mail or my work e-mail, M-F from 7AM-3PM. PLEASE! NO PERSONAL MESSAGES! - I rarely check them.

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