Criterion Adventures of Antoine Doinal >60$

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    I did quite a bit of working to figure this out, so I thought I'd share how to get a good deal on this rather expensive set. Most of this is because of the vast amount of information at DVD talk, as well as the promotional certificates they provide.

    Join the share the love list and sign up for the criterion and Adventures of Antoine Doinel lists.

    Wait for someone to send you love. there should be quite a lot going through soon, as the criterion collection get love traded more consistently on its new releases than just about any other title.

    YOu get your share the love discount of 10% off = $7.50, bringing the total price to 67.45

    Add a small item (such as a dover thrift edition book or the book of hope) to bring the original total over $75.

    Use one of the promotional certificate codes found here at dvd talk. I suggest the $10 off of $75 otherwise there's no point in the small item.

    $10 off brings your total to $57.45 + the cost of your small item.

    take super saver shipping so that it ships free.

    Total cost $57.50-$60 (depending on what small item you add)

    Amazon takes the original items price when they figure prices for promotional gift certificate minimum, since only $.05 more is needed to bump the adventures of antoine doinel up to $75 you only need one very small item to get the best deal. They won't consider the share the love price you're getting when considering promotional gift certificate minimums, that's considered a discount after the fact.

    I hope there's no problem in posting this, its nothing illegal, amazon's policys have been this way since I started using share the love more than a year ago, so its not like taking advantage of a mistake. Just mapping out the path to get the best deal.

    edit: if a mod could fix the less than/greater than sign in the title, I think I got them mixed up

  2. Cameron Seaman

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    This is a great deal. Thanks Adam! Just got this set for $58 shipped!
  3. Richard Gilmore

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    Mar 4, 2003
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    Thanks for sharing the deal,Adam - $58, also.

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