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cracked cone on TC-2000... am I screwed? (1 Viewer)

Tyler Cookson

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Mar 12, 2004
So I bought a 15" TC-2000 about a year and a half ago and built a very nice 5 cubic foot, sealed enclosure for it with a 1300w plate amp from elemental designs. I enjoyed my set up thoroughly (although a slightly larger ported box always was in the back of my head) and never had any problems with it until about a year ago or so when the cone cracked right near the surround. I went to the TC sounds website and found they covered that defect under warranty. I call them, email them, try to get a hold of the company but to no avail. I do some internet research and find they completely liquidated! I need a top assembly from a tc-2000 or tc-3000 and can't find one anywhere.

So basically, I was in the market for a new subwoofer (I was looking at the Tempest-x when its available again) but realized all I needed was a re-cone and I have a perfectly fine subwoofer. Am I out of luck or can the TC-2000 be revived?


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Aug 22, 2000
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There is no easy way to get this repaired. Yes, TC filed for bankruptcy and Thilo is trying to get Audiopulse going again except with off-shore manufacturing. So no drop-in top assemblies are available. You can ping an Ebay seller that goes by the names Juicy Robot and Robot Underground. Patrick bought a bunch of TC parts and he can build a recone kit for you.

I'm in a similar situation since I bought a pair of TC-2000 top assemblies for $20 that had been bottomed hard and deformed the cone. I'm going to get the 10" spiders from RU and the rest of my parts from Pierce Audio Products and re-build my subs from scratch. PAP has the same carbon fiber/nomex cones with high surrounds that RU has but they are cheaper. You can get all of your parts from PAP for cheaper but they only have 8" or 9" spiders. If you are handy with tools, a simple adapter plate can be built to fit on the 10" spider landing.

If you have any questions during the repair just post them here. I've already built a sub from RU parts. Here's the slideshow.


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