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CPU Cooling-is it worth upgrading the stock fan? (1 Viewer)

Chris Bardon

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Jul 4, 2000
I posted a while back about my P4 1.6a that I overclocked to 2.13 GHz. It seems to work fine, and the monitor is telling me that it's steady around 48 degrees. The thing is, I've noticed some problems in GTA3 after playing for a while, and thought it could be heat related. Since the p4 chips are designed to slow down if they start running too hot, I thought that this could be my problem. Turns out that the status monitor was reading 56 degrees now...

The question is then, what cooling upgrades are worth my while. Are some of the fans from companies like Thermaltake worth the money, or is the stock fan that Intel provides sufficient for this degree of overclocking. Besides CPU fans, what else can I do to help aviod overheating problems (if this is indeed that this is...).


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Jul 2, 2000
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Nick So


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Dec 4, 2001
First of all make sure that the cause of the problem is indeed the p4 overheating. If not, then i see no need to upgrade your stock fan. Oveclocking though complicates matters. Have you tried playing gta3 without throttling your p4??? Does it still crash??? If it doesn't crash in GTA3 then the p4 might be the problem. Putting a bigger heatsink might not alleviate the problem if your pushing your p4 too hard. Each chip has its own threshold limits so try to experiment on which is the most stable clock speed for your p4. In general, i think that adding a bigger heatsink and improving case cooling would improve your chances of overclocking at higher speeds.

If you're going to be on the lookout for heatsinks, i wouldn't recommend thermaltake. I had the dragon orb 3 cooling my athlon 1.4 and it didn't to a good job and it was LOUD. Imagine my idle temps were in the high fifties and load temps were approaching the mid sixities. I upgraded my fan to a swiftech mcx462 but i only opted to get one of the vantec stealth fans to lessen the noise. What an amazing difference. Silent and of course better cooling. It wasn't the easiest thing to install but i think it was a worthwhile upgrade.

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