Cox HD in San Diego...Anyone else with audio problems

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    I have frequent audio problems with some of the high definition channels on my new Scientific Atlanta HD digital cable box here in Oceanside. This was extremely apparent during the Superbowl on channel 710, but consistently occurs during most any HD broadcast. In the case of channel 710 (ABC-HD), my Denon receiver recognizes that the audio is coming through the digital coaxial channel, but frequently drops out altogether and culminated with the picture dropping out as well during the Superbowl. I also have standard analog audio cables connected, and when I forced my receiver to use the analog signal, the audio drop out discontinued, but the volume dropped drastically.

    Problems on 708 (CBS-HD) and 707 (NBC-HD) are more related to synchronization. Dialogue and picture are consistently off. I have tried power cycling the cable box with some temporary improvement, but more often than not I get frustrated and simply watch the standard programming. We have waited a very long time and are paying an additional premium for the high definition service. The performance thus far has been very poor with the worst offenses during one of the highest watched broadcasts of the year…the Superbowl.
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    Jan 15, 2002
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    In case anyone is interested...Cox finally replied to my audio question.

    I am sorry about the problem with HDTV. Yes, we are aware of this
    problem. There is an intermittent issue occurring with HD service on
    channel 710 (KGTV-HD). Sporadically the picture and audio will
    disappear completely on channel 710. This occurs when KGTV switches
    between High Definition and Standard Definition programming.

    First let me say there is nothing wrong with your equipment or hookups
    so power cycling the box really won’t make this problem go away. The
    problem has not been 100 percent identified yet. Our preliminary
    observation is the problem originates with ABC's and/or KGTV's
    equipment per their engineers. Their engineers and our engineers have
    been working together to find a cause and solution but we have not
    heard anything yet. They have requested that we ask our customers to
    provide us with some information which will be helpful to them. Here is
    the information we would like to know from you:

    1. The program that you were watching (include commercials if
    2. The time(s) when the picture and/or audio dropped out.

    KGTV has reported that the vast majority of issues came from ABC as
    opposed to the station. Lip sync, for example, was tested with ABC and
    confirmed good just prior to the Super Bowl broadcast. ABC then did
    something when the game came on that adversely affected it. The replay
    machines were Standard Definition and not High Definition. ABC was
    switching between Dolby 5.1 and stereo (most of the commercials were
    stereo in fact). This switching back and forth causes 5.1 receivers to
    get confused and have various issues. All of the HD networks are having
    a problem with lip sync. It appears they are continually having to
    readjust it.

    KGTV is aware of the video drop outs that occurred approximately every
    15-20 minutes on Cox, Time Warner, and Over-The-Air but could not
    correlate it to anything they were seeing at the transmitter.
    Therefore, the cause of it is unknown at this time. All of these issues
    will be reviewed with ABC.

    Hope this helps someone.

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