Cowboy Junkies Open Road DVD/CD

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    Can anyone comment on this release? I'm thinking of picking this up but would like some feedback on it first.
    DVD Features:
    Cowboy Junkies Live from Quebec City (47 min.): Lay It Down, Hard to Explain, Bread and Wine, River Waltz, Bea's Song, Dragging Hooks, Blue Moon Revisited, Anniversary Song
    A Documentary in Music, Ones, and Zeroes: a behind-the-scenes look at the Open Road Tour 2001 with video, still, and music (55 min.): Highway Kind, Hard to Explain, Bread and Wine, Dragging Hooks, Lay It Down, Thousand Year Prayer, Midnight Tonight in the Trailer Park
    Margo and Michael Timmons Live from the Temple (30 min.): Anniversary Song, Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning, Misguided Angel, I'm So Open, Small Swift Birds, Thousand Year Prayer (the Temple), Hollow as a Bone
    An Open Conversation with Margo and Michael Timmons: Margo and Michael discuss Open and perform a few songs (35 min.): I'm So Open, Small Swift Birds, Thousand Year Prayer
    Includes bonus live audio CD (60 min.): Murder Tonight in the Trailer Park, Lay It Down, This Street That Man This Life, Thousand Year Prayer, Bread and Wine, Witches, Something More Besides You, Escape Is So Simple, Dragging Hooks, Anniversary Song
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    Dec 6, 1998
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  3. EricSm

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    I can comment on it.

    The included audio cd is a great performance, made worse by poor audio quality. For me, part of the whole appeal of the Junkies is Margo and her ability to give life to her brother's lyrics. That said, someone really needs to turn up her mic! Otherwise, it's a great mix. Crystal clear. The songs themselves are particularly strong. But, quite often I found myself reaching for the volume knob to hear what she was singing only to be reaching to turn it down seconds later because of an unexpected electric guitar.

    The DVD itself in many ways is for the "diehards." What I mean by that, is that it isn't the kind of thing you are going to give to your neighbor to turn them on to the band. The documentary portion of the DVD is a bit odd in an artistic sort of way. But it raises the question-- is this artistic or just bad. A lot of the first portion of the DVD is photo slideshows with a live version of a song going on in the background. Meaningful to some, but probably not to most.

    The second part is a full electric concert. Again the sound is great, but you really can't hear Margo. Well, you can. But she's definetly not the focus. Personally, I was a little disappointed with the song selection. While getting the River Triology is kinda neat, when you only have a very few songs and 40% are the River Triology it eliminates a lot of others I'd like to hear.

    Then there is a Radio Interview... there's a few acoustic performances and a bunch of talking. The sound/video here is most suspect. But still passable. It kinda looks like I shot it... not bad, but hard to sell to anyone : )

    And then the highlite for me is the acoustic show for children. The audio is absolutely top notch. And the songs are powerful and moving. Particular highlites are "Misguided Angel" and "Small Swift Birds." In many ways, this is where the real value of the DVD comes in for me. The only problem is that just as you start to think: "now this is what I wanted" it ends. This portion is only about 30 minutes and feels way to short. What is there is fantastic, however. But it really makes me wish that some of the other hours were axed in favor of a longer(much) acoustical show.

    All in all. A tough sale. If you are a casual fan, you probably won't feel like you are missing much. It does serve as a great advertisement to how great they can be in concert, but you aren't getting a full great concert. You are basically getting a snapshot of their lives and performances that left me somewhat disappointed because of what it could have been.

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    Robert, Eric has a great review on the dvd/cd. I am a little less critical. I enjoyed the documentary with the music behind.

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