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Malcolm R

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Feb 8, 2002
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I find that grocery coupons are a great way to save money, especially since all the stores near me offer double coupons.

In clipping, every once in a while I come across a coupon that specifically states "do not double." Now, it is my understanding that a double-coupon policy is set by each individual store/chain and that regardless of whether they take the coupon at face value or double value, all they are reimbursed by the manufacturer is the standard face value plus 8 cents. So, a store that offers double coupons does not get a double reimbursement, they get just the standard face + 8 cents and the "double" value is eaten by the store as a marketing expense.

So, why do some products have coupons that say "do not double"? If my understanding is correct, it should not matter one whit to the manufacturer whether the customer gets $1 off or $2 off, since they will only have to reimburse the store for $1.08. Why do they care if a store wants to offer an additional discount?

Vince Maskeeper

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Jan 18, 1999

good point. I have never seen "do not double" coupons, but the idea seems silly since my understanding is the same as yours: the market gets only face value on the coupon, and eats the additional savings out of packet (as a perk to bring you into the store).

I don't know why the issuer would have any right to dictate the ability to double a coupon unless they have some sort of agreement with the retailer on minimum pricing.


Mark Philp

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Oct 11, 2001
Syracuse, New York
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It may surprise you, but the manufacturers vary the terms of coupons from area to area to give a break to the supermarkets. For instance, if a large chain doubles coupons up to say .99 the manufacturers may put out coupons for .35 while in an area where coupons aren't double they may be say .75 or more. Perhaps "no doubling" is one of these deals.

A couple of years ago a big chain in this part of the country got in trouble with the State Attorney General for making sweetheart deals like these. An of course, who pays for all these deals? We do. Personally, I'd like to see coupons done away with and the prices lowered instead.

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