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Sep 1, 2001
Hey all, running an Energy Take 5.2 set with a Integra 5.3 receiver.

First question: The Integra has adjustable x-over (80,100,120). What difference then does it make if you choose Large or Small in the set-up menu for speakers since you can set your own x-over.

Second : Why does the Energy manual tell you to set up the receiver to Large(for speakers) and Sub ON? Obviously the Take 2.2 sat. only goes down to 80hz at best...

Third : The sub has two different RCA inputs, 'x-over' and 'input'. One makes the volume and frequency control adjustable on the sub, and the other makesthe receiver control the freq. and volume for the sub. Which one should I use?

Any help would be appreciated as there are alot of ways to set this up, and Id like to know the correct way to do it... Mike


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Nov 28, 2001

FYI - i have the 8.2 sub with Energy XL speakers

1. The Large or Small settings decides whether or not to USE the crossover for a certain speaker, the adjustable crossover setting tells it WHAT frequencies to send to the speakers if set to small.

My Opinion - With that sub, set all speakers to small, Receiver crossover to 80 or 100, and use the xover connection on the sub. My Denon crossover is fixed at 80, and my fronts can go to 50 Hz fairly well. The Take's might work better with a 100Hz crossover - try it first and see if the bass sounds good.

2. Almost all manuals say this - i don't know why

3. The xover disables all the settings on the sub except the Audio/Video switch. This is better, since you can already adjust the volume of the sub through the reciever and you are already using the receiver's crossover (so you don't want to use the subs crossover anyway) This avoids 'cascading' crossovers which can get in each others way.

**IMPORTANT - the Audio/Video setting is confusing - short explanation is this - using the AUDIO setting will give you the full frequency extension, to the extent that this sub can go, the VIDEO setting sacrifices the low bass and boosts the 40 Hz bass

I use, and would recommend using Audio all the time - i want the sub to go as low as possible, and not sound boomy

I have the sub volume set to about 77 Db, in a small room and have run test tones through it that registered starting at 22Hz (though quiet)

If you setup your sub and speakers properly, it should sound like you have lots of bass coming from your main speakers, not the sub location

Hope this helps

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