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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Sean Malik, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Sean Malik

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    Sep 6, 2005
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    I live in the middle of BFE so I have a hard time auditioning various types of speakers to make an informed decision. I currently have a Klipsch RC25 center because it will fit my entertainment center. I have Elan speakers in the ceiling. It is not a well thoughtout sytem but I am looking to step it up. Movies sound decent but music is horrible to the point I don't listen to music on it. First question is the Klipsch Reference line much better than the Synergy line? (synergy happens to be available at Bst By) Namely the RF 35 vs F 3's. I heard the F 3's and they sound good however I do not want to be disappointed in the future to save some bucks.

    I am looking at floor standing in the front and bookshelves for the rears. Now the small local audio shop is going to stop selling klipsch and replace them with B&W...??? I have no clue about them but I am willing to hear opinions.

    Next question I am looking at getting a receiver Denon 3805 or 4806(basically for HDMI). On the other hand I also considered Yamaha due to some of the reviews I have read. Who do you prefer? I have about a $6000 budget to revamp my system. Obviously I am a newbie so give me your perspectives truthfully. I listen to music and watch movies. I would say from reading I prefer a warm to bright sound. Maybe this will help... I like classical music and I prefer a clean non boomy sound.


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    I have $900 into my HT and it is as good as need be, IMO. It's not the best for music, but that has more to do with the room and seating positions which are optimized for the movies.

    So for music, then, I have a 2nd system along the adjacent wall. Turntable, tubes, and vintage JBL, again well under $1000. Very sweet sound, optimized for music.

    But I digress.

    It's a big world, and for $6K you can have about anything you want. I'd go seperates, Outlaw will consume ~$2K. Try Klipsch Reference - yes they are better. If you can listen for more than an hour without getting a headache and still enjoy it, then you are compatible with the Klipsch sound. M$K is also very nice for the money. I had a set for a few weeks as an investment, I had to sell them to recover the funds but I regret letting them go.

    JBL Performance series is killer by all reports. Hard to find.
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    Sep 15, 2002
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    Wow, you sound like an ideal candidate for Magnepans [​IMG] If you have the space for them, you may find they are a match made in Heaven for what you are trying to do. They would be IDEAL for classical music, and they can present HT in a way that is different than you've ever heard. These speakers provide for a open, airy, presence that is very different from what you get from a box speaker. The give you detail and realism that is seductive, to say the least.

    You may ultimately find they are not for you, but I would definitely give them an audition. If you can't find a local dealer near you, you can order a couple of Magnepan's smaller models from the company direct complete with an in-home trial period.

    I'll refer you to both as well as a thread on here entitled "Maggie Update". The latter is a pretty extensive thread detailing the experiences of several of us who have brought these wonderful speakers into our home.

    Good luck! [​IMG]

    PS. I totally agree with Colin regarding the Outlaw gear....definitely a good place to go for your pre/pro and amps!

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