Couple questions about the Rolling Stones SACD's

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    I have always liked the Rolling Stones, but for some reason never got around to buying any of their music. With the upcoming SACD/CD hybrids, I figure now is a perfect time to start[​IMG] Honestly, I can't wait.
    My question is, what is the difference between the US and UK versions? Is one stereo and one mono? Will die hard fans get both releases for some reason?
    The second question is, if I plan on getting all of them, is there any reason to buy the Hot Rocks release? It looks like a greatest hits, but does it have songs that are not on any of the other studio albums? I don't need to have every cd, just every song.
    Thanks for the help. I would like to place my order so I can get these on or around the street date, but will wait for expert opinions before doing so.
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    My understanding is that the US releases include songs that were released as singles, wereas the UK releases leave them out in favor of different tracks. So, if you get any compilations, it is probably better to get the UK versions, avoiding repeat tracks and giving you more tunes.

    I think Hot Rocks has a few singles that are not on any albums- Jumpin' Jack Flash comes to mind. It's also great for a stream-lined set of great songs for those, like me, who are not interested in the Stones' extended psychedelic and "experimental" work.

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