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    My day (and night and weekend) job has slowed down enough that I've finally started on my sub. A few quick questions:
    1. I bought a can of Hammerite brand spray paint and test painted a scrap piece. I like it a lot, and the SAF was suprisingly high. The can states no primer or clearcoat is required, but that's for its intended purpose (over rusty metal). I've already primed the MDF caps, but is a clearcoat needed for home use?
    2. I have the PE 300-794 amp, and I like the idea of the amp box attached to the outside of the sonotube. If the amp is 3-1/4" deep, how deep do I need to make the box to ensure it won't burn the tube?
    I've had this stuff sitting for a month, and it's been killing me [​IMG] I haven't even taken the shrink wrap off of TPM yet, so I experience it in full Tempestuous glory.
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    Is that the one that is very similar to the AV250. If it is, I made mine 3.75" deep at the apex of the circle and have had no problems. Remember though that only one piece of the amp actually sticks out to that depth and it isn't on center. So if you want to be safe, 3.75" will work. If you want to go as small as possible you could probably get away with somewhere between 3 and 3 3/8 of an inch. Where exactly the minimum in there is I'm not sure.
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