Counterstrike XBOX Maybe No Widescreen

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Dave Scarpa, May 13, 2003.

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    This is a quote from Gamespy's Preview of the game at E3

    "The game's graphics look good considering the early state the game is in, and the fact that the framerate is already locked in at 30 frames per second is awesome. Counter-Strike will support 480p, though the inclusion of widescreen mode is still up in the air. It's easy enough for the developers since the engine supports widescreen, but the concern is providing a uniform experience that's fair for all players. Sound will be served up in Dolby Digital 5.1. "

    If the engine supports widescreen how is adding it going to affect players playing in 4:3 mode? does it automatically letterbox the image ? I don't get why this would be a detriment to anyone. Why support HDTV with the Minimal 480P setting and not widescreen. The Recent Wolfenstein looks ok on my WS set but if it was native WS and not stretched it would look alot better. Come on Microsoft WS support should be standard on all titles.
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